Kangana Ranaut, the Bollywood actress, is known for making comments that rile up many people. Many have observed and outright called her out for promoting and supporting hate speech, impacting the people of the country.

In May Twitter had permanently suspended Kangana Ranaut’s account from the platform and banned her after she posted about the Bengal violence and alarmingly asked the Prime Minister to use violence in return.

This did not deter her though, since she turned to other social media platforms to continue putting out her words to the masses. Now, in another interview at a summit of a national media network her comments about the Indian independence in 1947 have not gone down well with people.

What Did Kangana Ranaut Say?

Kangana Ranaut appeared at the Times Now Summit 2021 as a guest speaker and talked with moderator Navika Kumar about various things including her personal life, potential partner, and also the Indian freedom movement, British colonialism of the country and the independence struggle.

According to her comments, India’s real independence did not happen in 1947, but in 2014. In now viral clips, Ranaut is seen saying that “Coming back to Savarkar, Lakshmibai, or Netaji Bose…these people knew that the blood will flow but it shouldn’t be Hindustani blood. They knew it. They paid a prize, of course. Woh azaadi nahi thi, woh bheek thi. Aur jo azaadi mili hai woh 2014 mai mili hai (That wasn’t freedom, those were alms. And we got real freedom in 2014.)”

Reportedly, Ranaut also addressed the audience asking, “Azaadi agar bheek mai mile kya woh azaadi ho sakti hai? (If freedoms comes after begging, can that be real freedom?)”

Kangana did try to clear up some of the mess by posting online that “Even though I clearly mentioned 1857 revolution first freedom fight which was curbed…which lead to more atrocities from the British and almost a century later, freedom was given to us in Gandhi’s begging bowl…”

The actress had been talking about India’s freedom struggle stating that while she was not joining politics, she was still aware of these topics. She was talking about Savarkar and how Congress had alleged that he was not a patriot and said “This is a very large subject. I have studied a lot and did a film. It is very clear that the British did not take India over by some democratic process, right? It was a forceful occupation of this nation.

There were some battled here and there but in 1857, there was a decisive fight for freedom. What followed after that is the most unfortunate part of history. More unfortunate than what happened to Jews also. .. It was not printed in the media.. whether the Jalianwalabagh massacre or the Bengal famine. They went for Indians because they were able to curb the first fight…they left us literally starved.”

“British were acutely aware that blood will flow but they decided whose blood will flow. It should not be their blood. And for that, they needed some people who could help them so that Indian blood flows but not theirs. These are the people who are labelled as liberals or the Congress. When you got conquered after a fight, how can you get independence as ‘bheekh’,” and further added “Secular is no man’s land. What British left behind in the name of Congress was the extension of the British.”

Twitter was obviously furious with her comments.


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Kangana had also been bashed online when she was given the Padma Shri Award by PresidentRam Nath Kovind as people felt she was not deserving of it.

Let us know in the comments below what you think her comments meant. Is the bashing the correct thing and deserving or is it going over the top?

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  1. Kangana Is THE ONLY FILM PERSON who deserves it.
    She may have stated her perspective..she has the freedom to say so..
    The twitter overreaction by bozos who are twisting her lines..
    Many people agree with her view. I would clap too ..


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