New Delhi (India), August 22: The brand that is now known to all, Doorstep Wash, has taken control over the market in the sector of cars and provides doorstep services to Indian residents. Now the company is ready to serve the residents of Joda, Doorstep Wash, along with its partner Mr. Manish, declared the launch of its authorized service centre in Joda on the 24th of June. With the launch of this setup, the company has now crossed the milestone of owning more than 100 authorized centers across India, while the plan to launch over 30 setups is still in action.

The chain brand for cleaning and detailing services, DSW, is available for all car models and brands. The launch has facilitated the customers to avail of the desired services at their convenience. This helps the clients to remain in their comfort zones and supervise the work in process. Doorstep services of DSW were ideated when the owner had to go through the painstaking process of taking the vehicle for servicing and spending useless hours at these centres. The launch has reduced these challenges by manifolds. Another facility provided to the customers of the company is booking through its website, which helps the customers to book the desired services at a time when they feel comfortable. The toll-free number of the company is also operating for service bookings.

While giving world-class services to its customers, Doorstep Wash also guarantees to keep up with the neatness of the surrounding region and that the environment remains immaculate. The professionals and experts and the top-of-the-line machines make the work of Doorstep Wash easier. Trained professionals and machines finish the work at the ground level while the specialists ensure a free-flowing and efficient structure and working of the association.

To ensure that the services can be availed by maximum, Doorstep Wash is progressively launching its authorized centers across different Indian cities. The company commits to yield benefits for a lifetime and to give initial assistance. Businesspersons interested in their unique model can reach them through their site or integral number.



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