New Delhi (India), August 22: Zixdo, the car cleaning and detailing chain brand, is now a familiar brand for the citizens of India. It is the largest chain to provide such services across all the corners of India. The company is coming up with more and more innovative services for four-wheeler owners, and one such service recently launched by the company is Wipe My Ride. Wipe My Ride owns more than 30 authorized service partners across India. This service is also available in Silchar city since its launch on the 30th of July; it came in partnership of Zixdo and the Silchar citizen Mr. Rajdeep Nath. 

Wipe My Ride, the latest service of Zixdo, is the most eco-friendly service in this sector. It includes dry wash and so uses as less as 1 litre of liquid for a car, and so is called a waterless wipe or water-free wonder. This also gives the vehicle a splash-free shine; this service also includes complete interior and exterior polish with a professional finish and wiper build refill. The high-end portable machines help in getting the services done within a much shorter period of time. Wipe My Ride services can be availed through the webpage launched by Zixdo or can be booked by calling on the toll-free number of the company.

The Wipe My Ride service-providing company, Zixdo, has a well-organized structure and a freely-flowing work system which makes the overall functioning of the company smoother. The professionals are experts in their respective fields and the technicians are well-trained to perform their duties. The portable machines also are an important part of the company’s functioning.

The company is currently expanding the Wipe My Ride services across different cities by collaborating with the local residents. Interested businesspersons can contact the company to become franchise partners and start the setup. Zixdo also provides initial humanitarian assistance to business partners.



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