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Jat Reservation Demands To Founding Zealandia, Here’s Everything Sarcastic That Happend in News This Week


We are back with another sarcasm laced rewind of everything nice, and not so nice that happened in news this week. If you are perpetually bored and frustrated with the overdose of media rants that never seem to end, you will enjoy these quick tidbits of the most sarcastic things we spotted on the news this week.

Trash them or Trend them, you be the judge!


New Zealand and New Caledonia were actually a part of an undiscovered continent!

A team of 11 geologists has made a breakthrough discovery with a claim that the geography submerged around the areas of New Zealand and New Caledonia can be rightfully called a continent!

Welcome to the world Zealandia, it sucks!


Private Schools in Delhi have been asked to Refund around Rs 350 crores to Parents post outrageous Fee Hike.

More than 634 unaided private schools have been asked to give back the massive fee hike along with a 9% interest but are yet to comply. This hike came after the Director of Education allowed the private school boards to hike students fees, only under a few conditions, to relieve their financial burdens following the increase in teaching staff pay scale according to the 5th Pay Commission.

And instead, these schools owners took the liberty to frame a real sweet deal to fund more BMWs and foreign trips for themselves.


World’s First Transgender Doll To Be Unveiled At New York Toy Fair.

Modeled on US teenage and LGBTQ campaigner Jazz Jennings, Amerian toy manufacturer the Tonner Doll Company will unveil a the first of its kind transgender doll. The idea is to break the taboo around playing with dolls, it’s not simply a girly thing to do.

This is amazing! Better late than never.


Neil Nitin Mukesh Got Married This Week. And He is Trending EVERYWHERE.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is finally back under the limelight, and happily/sadly not for a movie. I want better things to get a chance to trend so seriously I don’t want to know who was on his guest list, who is not!


PM Modi’s Demonetisation Exercise has Helped Change the Mindset of People, said HDFC Bank’s Aditya Puri.

And has made the economy more transparent. Like why should we even care about the plight of the common people who lack the basic digital literacy?

Okay, let the BJP government actually weed out corruption and black money, then we shall see Mr. Puri.


“Getting a reservation for Jats will not stop the agitation,” says Yashpal Malik.

The President of All India Jat Reservation Agitation Committee wants everyone to understand that the Jat agitation is not going to stop even after the reservation has been achieved. They want EVERY demand of theirs mentioned in their 7 point agenda to be met.

Why don’t we revoke the existing system and give 50% reservation to the poor, depraved and destitute Jats and Patels for change, what say?

That’s all for news this week. The world sure as hell won’t run of sarcastic things to say. So come back next week for more!

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