A new scheme has been launched to rehabilitate beggars through holistic training to ensure that they can lead a life without begging. 

What Is It About? 

Beggars are being taught the necessary life skills at a special training centre in Jaipur by the Rajasthan Skill and Livelihoods Development Corporation (RSLDC).

Over 40 people hailing from various states who came to look for a livelihood but ended up on the streets now have a roof over their head, learning yoga, meditation, being trained in sports, and computer skills. 

Beggar on the streets of Jaipur

This is the first batch enlisted out of 1100 applicants and is being trained primarily in catering skills. Besides skill development, psychological counselling is also being given to support them through the training better. 

What Are People Saying? 

RSLDC chairman Neeraj K. Pawan told The Hindu on Saturday that about 1,100 “willing participants” had been enlisted for training after a survey of the police and Social Justice and Empowerment Department.

Pawan, also being the Secretary of Labour, Skill, Employment & Entrepreneurship, went on to say that the corporation would help trainees seek jobs and remunerative work as most of them took to begging as means to support their families.

“Separate centres will be opened later for women and an attempt made to transform their lives,” he said.

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The Chief Minister, Ashok Gehlot, had announced that Rajasthan would be made beggar-free and all homeless people would be rehabilitated. 

What Work Has Been Done? 

This entire plan started with an image makeover. They were washed, cleaned, and given a haircut and clean clothes when they were checked in. 

Beggars are receiving training to earn their way through life

This group is being trained in catering as most people have had prior experience in the food industry and stray jobs related to that. Mr. Pawan added that the RSLDC would follow up on the trainees’ progress for a quarter of the year after completing the training process. 

There will be subsequent batches where others would be trained for a variety of occupations such as beauticians, plumbers, electricians, and guards. 

If this pans out, there is a potential that it could gain nationwide traction, and the poor people who beg on the streets will have a shot at making their lives better.

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Sources: The Hindu, New Indian Express,

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