Jai Ho!


By Anushka

Salman khan is back with a bang with another one of his movies that stir up the imagination of the people and provide food for thought. But the important question is that for HOW long will we retain this feeling of patriotism in our busy schedules? Do we really have time to think beyond ourselves? These are certainly the questions this movie raised in my mind.

How many times have we all witnessed violation of the law, be it in the form of bribe, corruption, crime against women, domestic violence, child labor and the list goes on and on… but ask yourselves, how many of these times did you actually have the courage to fight back or at least show your disagreement? What are we, good for a giggle gullible generation, are we? It is easy to go to India Gate and light candles and do protest marches but it is equally difficult to actually go out there and make a difference. We have to choose what we are: hypocrites or game changers!

It’s easy to sit in the drawing rooms of our houses and crib about the government not doing anything or the politicians and police being corrupt but did any of us ever try to change something which irritates us?

Gandhiji said that “Be the change that you want to see in this world”, but he himself would have been sorry about this state of the country and his people. Where are we heading? Is this what we call development?

Is it so difficult to raise our voices and stand up for something right?

I guess we all know the answer and the answer is a big NO.

We, the youth are responsible for our country: we can make it or break it. So let us not just sit, relax and crib because that’s not going to lead us anywhere. Instead let us fight, fight against injustice, against immorality, fraud, corruption, violence and that every other thing which makes us helpless, scares us or takes our country a little more far from what our freedom fighters wanted it to be.

Let us pledge to rebel: rebel against the evils of our society and our country because only we can make a difference. I want my country to be the best and I am sure so do you.

We have already wasted too much time expecting others to do something. Now it’s high time that we do something. We will not be meek spectators because we are not weak; we are the world’s largest democracy which has an enormous young population.

Let me just sum up by saying that lets carry forward this help chain. The next time someone thanks you, ask him to help 3 more people and tell those 3 people to do the same. You never know how would that help return to you and above all, the satisfaction it brings is going to be extraordinary. Let us stop acting being dumb, deaf and mute and rather start taking initiatives. JAI HIND!



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