ISRO Might Just Be Well On Its Way To Break Their Own World Record

After successfully sending a mission to Mars for just a crore ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is now set to create a new record by launching 82 foreign satellites in a single shot.

The Director of MOM project released the details to the media saying that with the completion of this task ISRO will become the first Space Agency in the world to simultaneously launch 82 satellites into the space.



What exactly is the record?

ISRO created history when it launched 20 satellites together and all landed in the Martian orbit. (Martian orbit is the orbit of Mars) It is usually tricky to make these satellites land into the Martian Orbit but ISRO did it in its first attempt.

American Space Agency tried to follow suit but wasn’t really able to do it (probably the first time they failed to emulate us) and now ISRO has the opportunity to break its own record.

So the record is actually two-pointer. One is the number of satellites launched and second is that all satellites land up in the Martian orbit.

According to Arunam the director of MOM, ISRO will use advanced version of Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle –PSLV-XL. All satellites will be placed in a 580km polar sun orbit in a span of 20-25 minutes.

The PSLV-XL used by ISRO
The PSLV-XL used by ISRO

Low-cost Space Access

The MOM garnered praise and widespread awe from other space agencies and has since been analysed by them and even management schools for skilful usage of funds and paving the way for low-cost space access.

The PSLV-XL is based on the same concept of low-cost space access. ISRO uses the aerobraking method to get close to the surface of Mars. It although involves risk but has so far worked successfully for ISRO.

ISRO will launch all 82 satellites using limited funds and will probably be setting a record of using limited money to launch these satellites into space.

However, the cost of the project is estimated to rise because of additional safety measures that will be installed. ISRO plans to launch MOM-1 and MOM-2 in 2020 and Chandrayaan-2  in 2018 all at low cost.

If MOM made ISRO world’s top-notch space agency then the PSLV-XL mission will make ISRO the kingmaker of the universe. Expectations are high and so are our hopes of successful completion of the mission.

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