The right to free speech is something given in our democratic country, however, how absolutely true it is, is something to question especially with certain news coming out. One of them being of a Bhojpuri folk singer who was sent a notice by the Uttar Pradesh (UP) Police after she released a satirical song.

The singer has been speaking up about the harassment she, her husband, and her family have been receiving since the past few days from authorities.

The song apparently mocked the Yogi Adityanath government, and the UP Police has been trying to reportedly accuse her of various things for this song that the singer feels is not fair or just at all.

Folk Singer Calls Out Police

Recently, Neha Singh Rathore, a Bhojpuri folk singer had released a song called UP mein ka ba Season 2, which is a newer version to her song ‘UP Mein Ka Ba’ that had itself gone viral.

In the song, Rathore speaks of the incident where two women, Pramila Dixit, 45, and her daughter Neha, 20, were burnt alive when their hut was set on fire during an eviction drive being conducted by the police in Kanpur’s Dehat region.

The song spoke out against the Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government over what happened and it was then on Tuesday night when the UP police arrived at her door accusing that her song has “created a situation of disharmony and tension” in society.

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The notice as per reports says that “This song has created enmity and tension in society, and you are legally bound to make your stand clear on the issue. So, you are required to file your reply within three days of receiving the notice.”

It further said that “If your reply is not found satisfactory, a case will be registered… and proper legal investigation will be carried out.”

Speaking with News18, Rathore said that “The song is purely my creation and highlights my thoughts. I must say that nothing is sponsored and politically driven,” and how “I want to make it clear that I am not associated with any political party. It was purely my commitment towards my fans because of which I made this song and will continue to do so in future.”

She also inquired about “is singing in UP a crime?” and “Why are my husband and I being treated like criminals? It was just a satirical song highlighting the plight of UP, especially the Kanpur Dehat eviction drive incident that moved us all.”

Her husband Himanshu also was quoted by The Indian Express saying “The notice was first sent to my father’s house in Ambedkar Nagar. A police jeep went to the house and created quite a stir in the neigbourhood. Then a day later, a woman called me. She said she was a UPSC aspirant and needed help with something. She asked if I could meet her at a spot near my house. I refused. Sometime later, she called me again, saying she was from the Kanpur Dehat police and they had come to serve the notice. We then called them to our housing society gate and received the notice.”

Rathore also added that “Questioning or even criticising the government is no crime. Alochana loktantra ka sabun hai (criticism is like a soap that keeps democracy clean). Enough artistes out there are singing paeans to the government for awards and money. I am speaking for the people. Through all my songs, all I have done is raise issues relevant to the common man.”

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