Mehsal Mansur Al Matrafi is a young entrepreneur and investor from Saudi Arabia who within a short period of time gained a tremendous amount of success for his amazing skills and business strategy. Al Matrafi is an inspiration to all the young entrepreneurs out there. However, his path to this success isn’t so easy. He has done a lot of hard work to be on the map. Moreover, one of his most prominent works is in the NFT industry. Talking about NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), it  is a process of occupying digital assets like a piece of art, sports memorabilia, or even a tweet. Thanks to his skills and strategy he currently manages over 1 million digital assets. So, Let’s look into the life of this young gem.

Early Life of Mehsal Mansur Al Matrafi

Mehsal was born in 1999 in Saudi Arabia. From a really young age he grew interested in entrepreneurship and wanted to start his own business. Finally, his dream came true in 2016 when made his first investment. It was on a program that helps the users to get the best username for them on social media. Moreover, he created his own project named 3000. Afterwards, there is no turning back for him. 

Success and Asset

After his first investment became successful he grew more interested in the digital world. So, he started investing in the NFT industry. Later on, Al Matrafi proposed a NFT program named 3000. It’s a play-to-earn blockchain based gaming platform. In this program he used the best NFT technology to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences. Moreover, it also rewards them for their enjoyment. No wonder, with this unique idea and great work he will rock the industry. Apart from this project he manages over 1 million digital assets which is huge for a rookie like him. Moreover, he also owned four startup companies in his country Saudi Arabia. His glorious career doesn’t stop there as he also is a partner in a security tracking company named Beamwave.

Needless to say, with this great care onwards he is the owner of multiple assets including personal assets like real estate in Saudi Arabia and also  digital assets like bitcoin and crypto.



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