It seems the same problem we had with autowallahs has trickled down to the cab drivers too. What problem you ask, that being of cancelling rides.

Wasn’t one of the biggest pros of booking a cab that we would certainly get to our destination without the whole hassle of bargaining or convincing the auto driver to take us to our destination?

However, in the recent few years, as cab services have gotten more and more common, this issue of drivers cancelling rides has only grown but has become quite a big issue in itself.

Now, Ola, the Indian Uber is trying to come up with new features that they feel will bring down the issue of drivers cancelling rides.

What Are Ola’s New Features?

The whole issue of drivers cancelling rides is pretty well known, something that Ola’s CEO Bhavish Aggrawal also noted in his tweet.

So considering that, in a tweet on 21st December, he unveiled some new features for Ola drivers that would be enabled.

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As per the tweet, with these new features, Ola drivers will be able to see the approximate drop location for a particular booking along with the payment mode selected by the rider.

The interesting part is that all this will be shown to the driver before they even accept the ride. According to reports, the most common reasons for cancellation of rides are that either the payment mode is not acceptable to the driver or the drop location is not somewhere the driver wants to go.

Ola is apparently expecting that with these new features the cancellation rate of rides will go down if the driver is able to see such information even before they accept the ride. In case they don’t want to go ahead with the ride then they can just not accept it, in which case the app will search for another driver that is willing.

However, don’t really understand how this is supposed to make life easier for the rider itself. The driver can still cancel a particular ride if they don’t want to go to a particular destination and the person booking a cab is still left with trying to find another one.

The only thing this will do is remove any actual trace of a ‘cancellation of ride’ from the app.

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Sources: Business Today, Quartz India, The Economic Times

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