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Is suicide the only viable option? Do we necessarily have to judge such people of their acts as particularly right or wrong? So many people suffering around us and so many in dire need of help. Well, who decides?

Here are our two bloggers fighting over: Whether killing yourself is wrong?

 ‘Who decides what is wrong or right in the -first place? Suicide is surely not preferable, but it’s your own life and you own it! ~ Riddhi Tyagi

The Roman Catholic Church has long argued that one’s life is the property of God and thus to commit suicide is to deride God’s prerogatives. The counterargument by philosopher David Hume is that, if such is the case, then to save someone’s life is also to deride God’s prerogatives.

Pro-choicers argue that one’s life belongs to themselves and it is their own choice to end it. The issue with killing yourself doesn’t begin with simply taking your life but suffering to an extent that death is preferable to continuing your existence.

If even ‘trying’ to kill oneself will be considered wrong, there is no way we will be able to support such people. They should not be judged for their actions being termed as ‘wrong’.


If you feel suicidal you are not crazy, weak or wrong. It just means that you are unable to cope up with things affecting you. Pain never lasts forever but sure does hurt like hell. If there is a beginning there is an end too.

It must be understood, why such a step was taken by the person at the first place. Something might be bearable for one, but might not be at all for another.

Typecasting each person’s strength and power to cope up with life to its ultimate is not the solution to dealing with the problem of killing oneself.

killing oneself

In 2014, the Indian Government decriminalised attempt to suicide as per Section 209 of the Indian Penal Code. The same thing which has been considered a ‘crime’, a ‘sin’ from ages.

Apart from psychological reasons, physical pain is one key factor which draws one to take such a step. In most countries, voluntary euthanasia is illegal.

Why are we letting people die each day a little when they can end their pains for once and all?

Suicide is not a ‘choice’, it just happens when a person is unable to cope up with the resources he has. How can we judge people for something we have not been able to support them with?

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“Killing yourself can never be justified, no matter what.” ~ Yogita Rathore

Disclaimer: This is solely my opinion and is not directed at anyone. Neither is this to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

The generation today is more prone to anxiety, depression etc. than any of the previous generations. All thanks to the evolution of the human brain and technology aiding it!

Be as it may, this can never justify killing yourself. And mind you, I am not talking about a thousand pending euthanasia cases here. That’s totally different!

Killing yourself is just another way of saying, “Hey, I give up!”. You’re 15 years old and you decide to just give up your life because of a rejection from a crush? Another 22 years old ends up taking the extreme step just because his/her job sucks?

WHAT? I MEAN REALLY? You decide to just lose it on life because of one thing not going right. Just because things aren’t going the way you planned to? I don’t think this can be any ridiculous.

And I know we are the generation of ’13 Reasons Why’, so you’re probably going to justify by stating a thousand reasons but just sit back and think?

Is your justification itself justified? What about the friends and family you’re leaving behind? What about your dreams and aspirations? Hell, what about your parents?

suicidal tendencies

I wouldn’t even call killing yourself cowardly, it takes courage to do it. But just once think about it, if you invest that amount of courage in fighting your demons, how different your life can be?

Killing yourself might just seem like the most suitable thing to do in any given situation but what takes more power, strength, and courage is fighting your problems and then living to tell the tale. That’s what makes you a true hero.

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