It is the birthday of probably one of the most popular and known person in the country, Mr. Narendra Modi. 

Modi, who is now in his second term as Prime Minister of the country, having won the 2019 election, is pretty much a politician and a celebrity mixed together, considering the love and devotion of the people he enjoys. 

So it was only obvious that 17th September being the birthday of PM Modi would be a big affair. We got a glimpse of it in the morning itself when almost all ‘India Trends’ on Twitter were filled with mention of his birthday. 

Here are some tweets that really caught our eye with the way they wished PM Modi on his birthday and at the same time added their own sarcastic or mean comment on things happening in the country. 

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Seeing all this did make me wonder if even on a birthday such comments are warranted or not. However, after some deliberation it occurred to me that it’s okay to take PM Modi’s case even on his birthday as long as people don’t take too much offense. 

It should all be taken in good spirits and also one should understand a little as to where people are coming from. 

Because sometimes his actions do call for people to take a jab at him and rightfully expect some answers to things that are not cleared up. 

Even though I do think he’s doing a lot of good work for the country and his good intentions are there, but since he is not answering the right questions or clearing the confusion in the citizens’ minds, there is a lot of chaos at ground level.

PM Modi is fully out there and yet at the same time he is not. Most of the time he is travelling and in the time he does spend in the country, he is not really giving concrete answers to the many problems people are experiencing. 

But let me pose this question to you… the readers. Is it okay to make sarcastic wishes or comments on a public personality’s birthday? Let us know in the comments below. 

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