Birthday hashtags are the most common theme on the trending list of Twitter, and if it is a celebrity’s birthday, then #happybirthday becomes the sweetest gesture possible for fans hundreds and thousands of miles away from their idols.

With so much love, some amount of hatred is inevitable. But what happens when these haters sabotage a simple birthday wish and use it for their propaganda to defame and run down someone? Is that acceptable?

You might be wondering, who are we talking about here? It is none other than the sassy Sardar who won our hearts in India’s biggest Twitter fight. Yes, Diljit Dosanjh.

Today is Diljit Dosanjh’s birthday and, Twitterati, following the custom, started the trend  #HappyBirthdayDiljitDosanjh

What Is It With #HappyBirthdayKhalistaniKutte?

It seems that some of the bitterness from his last Twitter spat was not totally forgotten. As a result, within a few hours, a new hashtag made its presence quite visible on Twitter. #HappyBirthdayKhalistaniKutte acquired the top spot within India trends on Twitter. 

On the 3rd of December, the self-proclaimed feminist, outsider, and queen of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut, called Diljit a ‘Khalistani’ when he called her out for her fake tweet, and hence the hashtag. 

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How Did The Twitterati Respond To This?

The Twitterati got divided into two groups, as usual. Many of his friends, co-stars, colleagues, and most importantly, his fans, have condemned the hashtag. 

On the other hand, there are those Twitter users, who were seriously offended during his fight with Kangana Ranaut.

They are the ones who are relishing this trend the most by putting more and more offensive quotes out there, besides tagging Diljit and trending the hashtag.

Is It Okay To Trend #HappyBirthdayKhalistaniKutte?

Birthday or not, we should not misuse the power that social media has vested in us to malign someone whose only apparent sins were to disagree with someone’s views, support the poor farmers, and condemn fake news. 

Although his Twitter spat became an intense one, he did not even for once say anything derogatory to Kangana Ranaut, and this is what he got in return on his birthday.

The hashtags used along with #HappyBirthdayKhalistaniKutte like #SaveHinduTemples clearly show an ideological inclination of the hashtag users.

The last time I checked, we did live in a democracy, and the last time I checked, our freedom of speech did not extend to abuse. Therefore, if we even disagree with what Diljit Dosanjh might have said, this is definitely not the way to channelize our opinions. 

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  1. If democracy allows abusing the Indian Prime Minister, Dijit Dosanjh is nothing in front of him. You people would never write when someone picks on the Prime Minister but these so-called stars are so dear to you. No one even cares now.

  2. you fucking fake social media kutte, you don’t publish an article when prime minister is abused, but you kuttas make a essay when these khalistani randi dallajit dosanjh birthday is !!

    and why you keep quite when #BhagwanKaunHai trends? aapko hindu see itni dikkat kyu hai?

    khair dikkat hai to maa chudao, hindurashtra jald aayega !!!

    #HinduRashtraSoon #HinduRashtraLoading !!


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