So, I am a law student and most often than not, I keep looking for legal internships. In just another look out for such an internship, I got to know about the coolest judge to intern under!

He is none other than, Justice G. S. Patel, a sitting judge of the Bombay High Court. If you go through the PDF that he circulates amongst people who actually qualify the first level to get this prestigious internship, you’d laugh and then get nervous about it all.

It’s a 13-pager intern starter kit, which is the craziest thing I’ve ever read so far (in a good way)! 

Picking out the best bits here:

–I don’t ‘guide’. I don’t ‘teach’. I throw you into the deep end of the pool and then watch to see if you’re swimming or sinking. I definitely do not spoon-feed. My job is to teach you how to teach yourself. Beyond that, it’s up to you.
–I don’t set deadlines. There is only one deadline for your work. Yesterday.
–I am not your buddy. I am not your daddy. I am not your BFF, assuming anyone has one any longer. I am not your go-to guy every time a question pops into your head. I am not here to give you private tuitions.
–If you interrupt me when I am working on something, I will kick you out. Immediately. No further warnings.
–No matter what anyone says in Court, do not laugh or smile or carry any expression. There are only two exceptions: one, when everyone laughs. Two, when I say something and laugh. Then, laughing is compulsory even if it’s not particularly funny. Seriously — ESPECIALLY in matrimonial matters and ESPECIALLY in Parsi Matrimonial matters, do not ever, ever smile or laugh. All that is for later, in Chambers.
–This is not your neighbourhood hangout or adda.
–Guys, don’t come in with a two-day metrosexual stubble. This is not a nightclub.
–Marriage ends internship. There’s a Latin maxim for that somewhere. Therefore: do not get married during your internship. Do not get engaged. Do not invite me to your second cousin’s third daughter’s engagement ceremony in Nalasopara.
–On no account are you to fool around with my Arctic-grade air conditioning, either in Chambers or in Court. If you think you’re freezing, go out, defrost, and come back. Or not. There are three temperature settings: cold, icy- cold and Justice Patel cold.”


Just some more things one must know about Justice G. S. Patel before planning to intern with him:

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Planning to intern with him? Make sure you find out about all the other questions from the author before you actually do!

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