When it comes to a breeding ground for absolutely useless, baseless and in some cases even harmful information, WhatsApp would immediately come to mind.

Moreso the WhatsApp forwards that you will probably get on practically every group you are on, family, friends, colony, extended family and such kind of groups, are another ball game altogether. These forwards including everything, from Kurkure having plastic, to the world ending, to tech scares and more but even the slight bit of research and all such messages are found to be bogus.

So it is best if you take a pledge to never, ever, ever take information from a WhatsApp forward message. However, there are exceptions to everything, and even here, I have come across one such forward that might be helpful rather than harmful to the Indian society.

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This WhatsApp forward I felt was worth tabulating into an article, since the points and problems it mentions are still relevant in our society. After reading it though, we should use our own prudence when applying it in our life where necessary.

10 Advices from a Judge who handled family dispute courts.

1. Don’t encourage your son and his wife to stay under same roof with you. Best to suggest them to move out, even to the extent of renting a house. It’s their problem to find a separate home.

More the distance between you and your children’s families, the better is the relationship with your in-laws.  

2. Treat your son’s wife as his wife, not as your own daughter, maybe just treat her as a friend. Your son would always be your Junior but, if you think that his wife is of the same rank and if you ever scolded her, she would remember it for life.

In real life, only her own mother and not u will be viewed as a person qualified to scold or correct her.

3. Whatever habits or characters your son’s wife has is not your problem at all, it is your son’s problem. It isn’t your problem as he is an adult already.

4. Even when living together, make each others businesses clear, don’t do their laundry, don’t cook for them and don’t baby sit their children. Unless, of course, there is a special request by your son’s wife and you feel that you’re capable and don’t expect anything in return.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t worry about your son’s family problems. Let them settle themselves.

5. Pretend to be blind and deaf when your son and his wife are quarrelling. It’s normal that the young couple do not like their parents to b involved in the dispute between husband and wife.

6. Your grandchildren totally belong to your son and his wife. However they want to raise their children, it is up to them. The credit or blame would be on them.

7. Your son’s wife need not necessarily respect and serve you. It is the son’s duty. You should have taught your son to be a better person so that you and your son’s wife relationship could be better.

8. Do more planning for your own retirement, don’t rely on your children to take care of your retirement. You had already walked through most of your journey in life, there are still a lot of new things to learn throughout the journey.

9. It is your own interest that you enjoy your retirement years. Better if you could utilise & enjoy everything that you had saved before you die. Don’t let your wealth become worthless to you.

10. Grandchildren don’t belong to your family, they’re their parents precious gift.

The above message is for everyone, like your friends, parents, in-law, uncles, aunties, husband or wife to find peace & progress in life as it is based on the lifelong experience of a judge who handled family dispute courts.

Although there are a few points in this message that I don’t agree with entirely, like point 5 as I believe only until a certain limit the parent should turn away in the face of such quarrels but they must intervene if the situation escalates to physical or verbal violence, however, since it’s the judge’s own words, I didn’t want to play around with them too much.

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Sources: WhatsApp

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  1. Totally baseless advises. not practical at all. Can anyone name that judge who gave all these 10 advises? I am sure this is all fake and no judge exists who said all this. And if there was judge who had these opinions, must be living all his life without parent, partner and children. he must not be aware what a family is.

  2. Such kind of advice is totally opposite to certain judgements given by honourable court in India. This Advice is totally misleading. It is something wrong propaganda here. As per my knowledge For the first Point : “A wife is expected to be with the family of the husband after the marriage.” Hindu son can divorce wife if she tries to separate him from aged parents : source https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/Hindu-son-can-divorce-wife-if-she-tries-to-separate-him-from-aged-parents/article15474525.ece
    One more thing if you are not taking care of Parents well then
    And Looking at this whole article, It feels It has been written by a Father of daughters alone, who want his daughters’ husband to abandon his parents. All the points are misleading for Indian Culture Family.

  3. Dear author of this article, please don’t spread false information. If you have authentic documentation then share the details , others spreading false information that too legal matters in public platforms is not good and amounts to misleading public and cyber crime. If you can’t provide authentication, please remove the article or put it in big font that this is your personal opinion and don’t missuse judges name.


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