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Is Coutinho Right In Leaving Liverpool For Barcelona?


An underwhelming transfer window for Jurgen Klopp has every chance of becoming even grimmer were Coutinho to make a £100m-plus move to Barcelona. The Catalans have tried their best so far to engineer the move but Liverpool has rejected all the offers till now.

Coutinho has handed his transfer request as well to move to Spain but is he justified to do so at such a time in the transfer window?

Liverpool’s Ambitions

The Scousers will never recover former glory if they keep selling their marquee players every time an enticing offer comes along.

The red side of Merseyside will not win titles if a cycle of success is followed by a further cycle of team-building from the scratch which usually happens because of raiding of their top talent by bigger clubs. The reality is everyone cannot be a Steven Gerrard who rejected offers from Madrid and Chelsea. But he does see the situation from the Brazilian’s point of view and has voiced his opinion,

“It’s a dream move for South Americans, I’ve seen it before with Mascherano and Suárez. This is a very difficult situation for the club to be in.”

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Personal Ambition Over Club’s Ambition

Coutinho has every right in the world to force his move to Barca if Liverpool is of any hindrance in the move. The reality is that when a club finds a better player than a current player in their squad, they sell that player and buy the better one.  Why can’t the players have the right to do the same?

Barcelona is a bigger and a better club than Liverpool. If the Catalans have come forward with an offer, he should be allowed to go and not tied back. On top of that, Barca is paying a hell lot of money than the actual worth of Coutinho. Coutinho shouldn’t be called a snake if the deal does go through. Any player in his position would have done the same.

No Time Left To Buy Any World Class Player  

With only a few days for the transfer window to close, there is no way in the world that Liverpool will be able to replace Coutinho with an equally destructive player. Losing Coutinho at this moment would mean saying goodbye to the PL trophy and probably exciting from group stages as well.

Liverpool would get insane amount of money from the whole transfer but then their current season would get derailed. It’s a double edged sword at the moment.

What happens in the next 48 hours would define Liverpool’s season.

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