It always expected the unexpected but couldn’t sustain its strength in a situation this bizarre and baffling. The circumstance it found itself in would be laughable, if it wasn’t so serious.

Anyway, we remain grateful to it for helping others understand our plight and therefore, support us in our time of need.

May it rest in peace.

I am sure that this is the eulogy that Chartered Accountancy (CA) students across India would write for irony that died a terrible death when the future auditors of this country had to stage protests against the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India to get their answer sheets audited correctly.

Why Are CA Students Protesting?

Examinations are conducted by ICAI twice in a year-May and November. For the exam held in May this year, results were announced in August and thereafter, students got access to their answer sheets through RTI inquiries.

Many students say that there are discrepancies in their marks as the evaluation of their answers has not been done properly by examiners of their premier institute.

According to the students, step-wise marking has not been done as per ICAI’s model answers and in case of multiple choice questions, some correct answers have been marked wrong.

A lot of students couldn’t clear the exam because of the alleged mishandling of evaluation. Therefore, the students demand that ICAI re-evaluate their answer sheets properly.

To voice their concerns, students came out to protest against ICAI at its ITO office in Delhi on 23 September. The protests are going on ever since across different states in the country.

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ICAI Will Follow The Regulations

As per Section 39(4) of CA Regulations Act of 1988, ICAI can allow re-evaluation only when an answer remains unmarked or there is any error in the totaling of marks, either in the step-wise marking for a particular question or the overall score.

Marks cannot be revised if a student feels that his marks have been inappropriately deducted or a right answer has been marked wrong.

Beyond this, there is no room for redressal for a student.

The students are insistent on getting their answer books checked again. Also, they want the manual system of checking to be dropped as examiners have their own ways of evaluation.

ICAI has clarified that it will follow the regulations and re-evaluation will be possible only when the law changes. However, it has also said that all examinations will be evaluated digitally going forward.

Dear ICAI, Please Change

With careers and lives of approximately 12 lakh students at stake, it was only natural and fair for social media to be abuzz with voices of dissent.

Students took to Twitter to express their outrage over rigid regulation that ought to change. As a result, they trended #DearICAIPlsChange.

Here’s what some of them wrote.

CA is one of those examinations which entails years of hard work and perseverance from the students. 

Wrong evaluation of answer sheets, if done, should not be allowed to ruin the aspirations and hopes of scores of students.

The law should support the education system, and should be revamped with time to encourage students to explore the path of their dreams, lest they lose faith in both law and education.   

Sources: The Economic Times, National Herald, Tax Scan

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