Mandana Karimi, a Bollywood actress and an Iranian national staged a solo protest in Mumbai. She took to the streets in support of the women’s movement in Iran. In her video uploaded on her Instagram handle, she raises a placard that elaborates on the atrocities women in Iran are facing.

On Saturday, the actress staged a protest in Bandra’s Bandstand in sympathy towards the massive outrage of Iranian women against the killing of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the morality police of Iran.

Mahsa Amini was arrested last month for not wearing the headscarf adequately. Police say that she died of a heart attack but her family alleges that she was tortured to death by the police.

Karimi As A Lone Protester

Karimi shared a 17-minute video on Instagram where she can be seen alone raising her voice. She stood at the bandstand for three hours. Karimi has witnessed the plight of Iranian citizens, especially women, and has been vocal about it. She captioned the video, “For Iran, for my mother’s tears, for my brother’s broken face and heart, for sleepless nights, for freedom for life.”

Mandana Karimi Iranian Model
Mandana Karimi staging protests at Bandstand Bandra

Mandana Karimi went out as a lone protestor, held Amini’s name, and played Sherveen’s song. She also spoke to passersby and students gathered there, about the conditions in Iran.

Why Did Mandana Decide To Go Out All Alone?

Mandana Karimi expressed her support by participating in Pan-Global Protest Day on October 1, to stand in solidarity with Iran. 150 cities were participating in the protest, but she could not find India’s name on the list, hence she decided to stage one herself. 

She approached various people for support but she got replies like,” I have to speak to my PR team’, to ‘we are just two of us, what can we do?’, ‘It’s better to post online about what’s happening back home, and give interviews”, ‘I have family commitments, ‘I don’t care, I don’t live in Iran anymore’, ‘I will put a story for you’”. Karimi was disheartened but added that she might be alone in the physical space but she felt that she was part of the larger cause.

What Is The Real Concern Of Iran?

Karimi clarified that she had not been protesting against Hijab but was rallying for the basic human rights of the people of Iran. She tweeted that the protest was not anti-Islam or anti-hijab but for the right to choose basic things of life. 

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She also criticized the Indian media for twisting her words and portraying her protest as anti-hijab. She asked them to be the voice against atrocities and not be one of them.

Mandana Karimi Iranian Model Protest
Mandana Karimi was seen protesting alone in Bandra.

Reports Allege Pressure Behind Disappearance

According to Republic, Mandana Karimi is being pressurized and has made her social account private after sharing her 17-minute-long video of her solo protest. Though, it is unclear if this is the real reason behind her sudden change to a private Instagram handle or if there is something more to it.

Mandana has also posted videos of her cutting her hair in solidarity with the women of Iran. She has expressed her support and has been talking extensively about the issue on Instagram. 

Mandana Karimi was born and brought up in Tehran. She came to India in 2010. She has worked in several films like Roy, Bhaag Johnny Bhaag, and Thar. She gained further popularity by participating in reality shows like Bigg Boss and Lock Upp.

Removing the Hijab is a punishable offense in Iran since 1979. There have been several protests by women against this law in public places as well as on social media. These protests started two weeks ago, have claimed the lives of 92 people to date. 

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