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‘Intolerant’ Indians’ Backlash To Aamir Khan’s Dangal Only Showcases Their Hypocrisy


It’s been a while since Aamir Khan’s infamous ‘intolerance’ comments. All he implied was that his wife (Kiran Rao) fears to open the newspapers everyday due to how the intolerance in our country is growing with each passing day. And dare I say it, I believe they were not wrong.

In retrospect, is this any different from women fearing to go out at night in a country which excels at raping? There is a reason for fear, it’s not borne out of nothingness. If someone fears something, there is a pretty good chance that it’s prevalent in his/her world.

Rather than trying to know why Kiran Rao held her belief, people began an onslaught on Aamir. Bombarding him with outrageous and embarrassing comments.

Let’s take this gentleman for an example:



Looks like he was just waiting for the release of Dangal’s poster to put forward two very ‘solid’ points and an excellent punch line. But sadly, he’s quite erroneous in his claims.

PK does not abuse Hindu gods, it simply attacks the blind belief in Religion and fabricated ‘Godmen’ which very well deserves to be destroyed.

And by boycotting his movies people are simply not tolerating his views. Do they seriously plan to oppose claims of being intolerant by being, well, intolerant?

And the hypocrisy does not end there. Remember Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale flopping at the box office due to his own intolerance comments?

How dare he betray his country?! Oh, but Salman Khan trivializing rape is not that big a concern because it only affects half the population so let’s all happily watch Sultan and make it a blockbuster. I guess we are we only selectively intolerant, aren’t we?


Another twitter reaction to Dangal went like this:

I was a big fan of @aamir_khan once but mulla aakhir mulla hi hota hai #देशद्रोही_का_दंगल

— Aakash Tiwari (@Aakash3297) July 5, 2016


So I guess we’re needlessly going to drag Religion into this? And this guy went from a big fan to ‘mulla aakhir mulla hi hota hai’ rather quickly. Maybe, just maybe, he’s intolerant towards religion? The sheer number of people bashing Aamir on the basis of superficial things like him being a Muslim is baffling.

If such a large number of individuals cannot tolerate views that differ from theirs, then I’m afraid we’ve just confirmed Kiran Rao’s fears. We don’t need to make crass comments on Aamir, Shahrukh or anyone who has a different opinion, what this country actually needs is to accept that there will always be diversity in thoughts.

 There are certainly going to be more such comments in the future, could we do ourselves a big favour and just, maybe, not make a huge deal out of it?

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