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DILLI Se Hu Bhen…. Ke Bhai : 5 Myths Busted About Delhites


Crazy, sassy, funky, hearty. If I had to describe the nature of true Delhites, these would the be perfect 4 words but well, myths will always be there about us and here we are, debunking them.

Here are the 7 most stupid myths busted about our very own Delhites of “Dilli” :

1. The age old saying that goes like, “Tu jaanta hai mera baap kaun hai?” :

My dear non-Delhites, just like every other city on this planet, we have middle class people here and not all of them are blessed with a “daddy ji” who has an obscenely high bank balance that buys your way out of any situation, be it road rash or assaults. Rich, spoilt brats are plaguing all metro cities and labeling Delhi as their hub is just not cool.


Nahi, bhai. Maaf kar de.


2. The “Butter Chicken and beer” obsession :



This does look heavenly, you gotta admit.
This does look heavenly, you gotta admit.

We eat normal food just like the rest of the people and have our own unique taste in every household. Be it vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the food in Delhi has so much to offer than your typical butter chicken.

As for alcohol, sure we love our beer chilled with a dose of “chakna”, but that’s not our elixir of life which needs to be consumed everyday or even on a routine basis. We have the most popular global solvent that goes by the name of “water”, you know.

3. Delhites flaunt their cash and show off all the time :

Like I said, there are not all of us with rich daddies and if people who make a name and buy luxuries with their hard earned money and if they show off a little, it doesn’t hurt anyone. As for Delhites, showing off all the time is a big myth.

Our heartiness and enthusiasm are often taken as our show-off and the swanky douchebags add more to that stupid image. Hang out with a true-to-the-core Delhi citizen for a day for more info. You’ll see how warmly we treat our friends and keep the bragging to a minimum.

4. Delhites are experts in bargaining and love “second copies of accessories :

Like, seriously now? On one side, you say that we flaunt our cash and then you say we buy second copies of watches, shoes and bags?

Sure, we love to get a good bargain and negotiate the price but don’t we all? It’s not like we fight over the MRP of a packet of chips, do we?


No, this doesn't make us sad.
No, this doesn’t make us sad.

Flea markets are an important part of Delhi’s culture and of course we know that the tiger printed mat at Dilli Haat doesn’t cost 2000 bucks, so why shouldn’t we bargain for it? And as for the second copy myth, I’m pretty sure we were the first city with top global fashion stores in India so the argument becomes null and void.

5. Delhites are loud, jumpy and abusive :

Contrary to popular belief, “BC” isn’t our national word.

We also don’t party and dance to Honey Singh’s songs all night.

We love a weekend getaway and the nightlife in Delhi, though under scrutiny is still a pure bliss if enjoyed with the right people.

A true blue “Dilliwaala” is always a hearty and joyous person and likes to party without making a mess out of it. Your opinions shouldn’t be the reflection of what you read on the internet. Come to the city and spend some time here to see for yourself.

To wrap things up, I’d just say that this is a city full of bright lights and flashy lifestyles. But it is under those lights that we see the spectrum of colors, for those colors are the people who live and love this city.

Don’t let the headlines fool you.

And if you do, I’m sure I’m gonna call my gangster friends and their rich dads to teach you a lesson.


Haha. Kidding.

Yours sincerely

A true Delhite.


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Sahib Singh
Sahib Singh
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