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Don’t Just Accept Everything You Read. Intellectual Dignity Is Respecting Your Own Rationality


By Rusel D’cruze

Any idea WHO exactly is Daniel Amos, or Liam Dineen? Who are the Logical Indians? And why do you like Spirit Science or Laughing Colours?

AND why are they all viral?

Perhaps you only read the post and didn’t pay attention to the names…well after all, we hardly pay attention to things we see everywhere.


So these are the people paying attention to the little things and making them big enough for us to see, otherwise no one would ever talk about the simple joys of childhood, or share sad Valentine’s Day memes that most of us can relate to and sympathise with ourselves. It’s the strength of their thinking that stops you from scrolling ahead and giving yourself a moment to think. And in that one moment, the world feels new, and you realize there’s so much more to REALIZE about everything around you and everything you’ve been through. All that is possible simply because you had never thought of it, and these guys did.

You listen to a travellers because they talk about places you never went, you listen to thinkers because their minds talk about places your mind could never go.

Take a look at these…




Feel that short burst of excitement? That’s your mind travelling deeper into a fresh feeling of possibilities. You suddenly start thinking about what you read, about how true it is, how striking it is…because you appreciate it for the life it brings to monotonous thought processes.

So here’s the point….people today, very few of us THINK. Think not just as meagerly as deciding what pizza you want, that’s not thinking, that’s consultation and consequence of base logic and desire. When I say thinking, I mean employing the faculties of the mind to every aspect of everything that happens in those 24 hours most of us spend almost the same way every day…without things that make us pause the monotony around and enjoy some little wonders. There’s rarely any creativity in thinking…otherwise everyone could be Daniel Amos or a Spirit Scientist. People making the memes you ROFL at, writing the posts that make you nostalgic, they’re the ones showcasing creativity…and you’re entertained and influenced by THEIR thinking. Honestly, a good thought is a great way to spark human interest.

But the world is like your News Feed, you scroll past everything because you’re not patient.


Even not being mainstream, is mainstream…but we rarely break out of that tendency to look past the mainstream. We think mainstream, we judge mainstream, we feel mainstream. But there aren’t many people paying attention to that. Why do you think so many people end up having the same opinions? For most situations, you’re likely to end up having the same opinion as everyone around you, thinking the same way as everyone else.

The spectrum of thought is so narrow, you might just accept anything you’re exposed to. Facts and data, it’s all true because you read it? No one has the time to cross-check or think about what they’ve read, you didn’t just believe that meme on top just because it said so, right? Hoaxes are fooling tons of gullible people online because they aren’t totally outlandish to believe, but no one’s giving the content they read a second thought.

Well, here’s where we arrive at, it’s simple. Don’t just accept everything you read. Intellectual dignity is respecting your own rationality. There is a lot more to experience in the world around you when you free your mind from the weight of mere ‘trend’.

Four words split in two and two…

Think twice,

Think more.

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