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Indian style party in times of slowdown


9 to 7 to 5% economic growth predicted. Basically slowdown is evident, while on the optimistic side, India is still in the growing nations’ group. We are better than Europe & US atleast, so reason enough to party? Well, let’s say party but Indian style ;)

Here’s how:

1. Allow just one piece of your clothing to be super branded. Rest can be just branded or ordinary. For example: let just your belt or tee or jean or shoe be from Jimmy Choo, LV, Gucci. Rest of your dressing can be from Zara or Pantaloons.

2. Well, we know you’re used to the Director’s Cut or the gold class or the first class in movies or flights. But tough times call for tough measures. So try the cattle class err….the economy class. The movie would remain the same, trust us. And if its a flight, you would still reach the same destination. Also, try cutting down on the bhojpuri, punjabi, regional diet of movies. The constitution of India does not say that EVERY movie that ever releases needs to be reviewed by you.

3. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday….what’s the difference? They’re all the same…they all deserve the right to party and drink and dance, each week. Well, that sure was true in times of 9% growth, but for now, sticking to good old Saturday nights should do the trick.

4. The latest Iphone / Samsung’s out and is the latest status symbol. All your friends have it already. No matter what the price, spending the entire month’s salary on it is totally justified. But now that you are succumbing to points 1-2-3 above, so why not give this a try too. Old school, yes, but saving more than 80% of your earnings if you’re not supporting a family or are living with parents, would turn out to be a blessing in disguise in time. A 10-12 grand phone might not send your sms/bbm/whats app as accurately as their shiny counterparts, or might not make a call as perfectly, or the facebook app on the lesser mortals might look green instead of blue, and even your pockets are embarrassed to carry such a phone, but remember again…desperate times…desperate measures.

Ok, so before you actually feel suffocated with so much happening to your life because of some stupid economic slowdown, ED will stop here.

Did someone just ask; what’s a slow down?

Good luck with an austere life! 



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