Only ‘Indian Railway’ things!

From the numerous times we paid attention to ‘Yaatrigan Kripya Dhyaan Dein’,
To the never-ending criticisms for the poor facilities in the train,
Commuting with Indians Railways no doubt offers you a lot more than just a ride.

Let’s have a look at some of the experiences which one can enjoy exclusively only if he is travelling by train in the country:

  1. The priceless feeling when your train arrives on time and reaches the destination on time. It’s rare, therefore it’s special.


  1. Best nap providers since time immemorial. Need I say more? Be it 24 or even 72 hours, time flies when you are sleeping like a baby in the train!


  2. The ‘I-won’t-let-you-sleep-with-my-snoring’ uncle: There is always one evil person; right next to your compartment who thinks his snoring noise will actually be music to other people’s ears.


  3. Those Aunties with a luggage especially for home cooked food. Because with Indian Railways you can neither trust the nutrition value of food that is served nor the time when you will finally reach your destination. So why not travel with your own mini canteen of home-made delicacies?


  4. Race to occupy the window seat. No matter how old you grow, if asked to choose between a window and the aisle seat, your choice will be former anyday!


  5. The baritone of those singing when playing Antakshari (India’s National Indoor Game). Mind you, this game can even last for an entire day.


  6. Those Typical Bollywood-Masala Novels being sold on the railway platforms!

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  7. The smell of a Kullhad wali Chai: You can try tea in hundreds of flavors, but the taste of none will surpass that of the cutting Kullhad wali Chai at a railway platform!


  8. Ice bucket Cold Drinks! Vendors with a bucket that contains ice and carries all sorts of cold beverages, is something that happens only in Indian Railways!

Perhaps, the passengers enter a completely new world, far off from the hubbub of the city life. So the next time you board a train , read a book, plug in your earphones, put your phone on silent and experience a complete bliss.




Image Courtesy: Google Images

By Vaibhav Agarwal



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