The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has turned an Indian entrepreneur & advocate in the Indian city of Rajkot, Gujarat into a full-time social activist. Ever since India’s nation-wide lockdown was announced last month, 27 year old Meet Palan, son of Mr. Bipinchandra Palan turned his attention to helping those in distress due to the pandemic.
His exemplary work to provide daily needs and other help to individuals was supported and appreciated by various known personalities in Rajkot, Gujarat. He was congratulated & felicitated by Roshan Singh Sodhi, Police Commissioner and even the MLA of his locality. He has proved his mettle and value to the city and has been instrumental towards building a better future for his community.
Meet Palan is someone who inspires people on a day to day basis, be it in the sphere of business, lifestyle, social work or just keeping up with morals. Palan is also an Advocate at the High Court of Gujarat.
You can follow his Instagram handle to stay tuned & support his ventures at:

Wishing him all the very best for his good work.

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Sources: Instagram, Hindustan Times

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