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During quarantine, one is likely to fall prey to various negative emotions like anxiety, guilt, pessimism, loneliness, and depression due to lack of social contact and disruption of everyday routine.

Despite such impediments, people of my locality took some amazing measures to help the vulnerable in society.

Providing aid to vulnerable

It includes providing financial assistance to domestic helpers and drivers in the society. Since over-pricing and lack of necessities due to stockpiling of resources are really common nowadays, many residents of my society took the initiative of contacting their domestic helpers and ensuring that they are able to get all necessary commodities.

Elders of my society are encouraged to stay inside and various socially proactive residents of my apartment eagerly call them to ask if they have run out of food supply.

Not only that, but many people of my building are generous enough to give monthly pay to the helpers like maids, drivers, etc. even though they are not coming to work.

It’s quite interesting to see how all the scare associated with the pandemic has now given way to love and kindness.

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Vigilance is the key to safety

Not only that, but people are also more careful than before. Whenever I sit in my balcony, I am able to see people wearing masks when going out to buy essential supplies to prevent catching COVID-19, an infectious respiratory illness.

Moreover, everybody is extra-vigilant about maintaining cleanliness in the apartment as most of the sweepers are on a quarantine holiday as advised by PM Modi.

Recently, disinfectant was sprayed in my whole apartment. It was a pure community initiative to ensure the well-being of each and every member of the society. People now restrain themselves from spitting in community spaces. They are actively engaging in workouts and eating a nutrient-rich diet to boost their immune system.

Maintaining hope and strength is of utmost importance

During this time of crisis, it is beautiful to see how humility and benevolence is dominating our minds instead of gloom. It is providing people immense hope, strength and courage to fight the pandemic together.

The famous quote by Shelley, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?” fits quite well in this situation of global emergency.

Therefore, we all need to stay calm and wait for the better times to come.

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