Just a few days ago we got to know of the Dial4242 app which allows people of Mumbai to call for an Ambulance.

So you better be prepared for some really out there sort of apps that you wouldn’t necessarily have imagined could exist till yet.

New York City it seems doesn’t want to be left behind in the race for strange but actually pretty useful apps. The toilet paper company in NYC called Charmin has just come out with a unique app which lets you summon your own personal toilet just like you would order an Uber.

Yes, even people in NYC have to suffer from icky and dirty public toilets that no one wants to use or no toilet in that area at all which is an even bigger problem.

Charmin, has recently introduced Van-GO a bathroom that can be ordered from your mobile phone just last month.

This service will allow the customer to use a private bathroom on demand, however, at the moment, the service is only available in a few select areas of NYC, mainly those areas which garner heavy traffic and footfall from people.

The service is pretty easy to use, with one having to go to the CharminVanGo.com site, where you will have to fill in a few basic details about yourself like name, age, phone number and after that you can without much hassle call for your own personal bathroom where ever you are.

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Why India Should Take Notice Of This Service

One cannot deny that India has one of the worst hygiene problems with such a large part of the population living in slums and rural areas, many of which do not have the best hygiene services for use.

With timed water availability, in which all the residents of that particular slum or chawl are supposed to get their water requirements for bathing, cooking, drinking and more, it can be very difficult to imagine clean toilets being present to them.

We recently had the movie ‘Toilet’ come out, which emphasized on the importance of a toilet in the house and what significance proper sanitation and hygiene should have for us.

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But it seems that we still might a bit away from having proper bathrooms installed in every household of the country.

However, these kinds of bathrooms on the go or mobile bathroom services can actually be of great help to the citizens of our country.

Swach Bharat should have started and can still bring this about in our country, especially the rural and slum areas where people do not have the luxury of good sanitation.

Instead of just having people click a selfie of holding a broom or cleaning one square inch, such kind of initiatives are what will make India clean again.

A mobile bathroom, app for calling ambulance and more are quite useful services that should be given more attention to.

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