Posts about the media being vultures or just trying to stir up the pot in order to get whatever action on their hands are pretty common.

The sector definitely is not considered as very respectable with most people viewing people from it with disdain and distrust, sure that they are going to twist innocent words into something scandalous and spicy just to get the attention of the audience.

However, a recent incident at a Haldiram’s store kind of gives a first-hand account of someone from the sector doing exactly what earns everyone in it a bad rep. A video going viral on Twitter showed a TV reporter (for lack of a better word) standing in a Haldiram’s store and arguing about why they have Urdu script on a particular product packet.

What Happened?

On 5th April 2022, a video went viral showing a reporter from Sudarshan News speaking with a store manager at one Haldiram’s outlet about having the Urdu language on their ‘Falhari Mixture’ snack packets. The so-called journalist tried to insinuate that the brand was trying to hide something by having Urdu on their packet.

The reporter kept arguing though and saying stuff like “What are you trying to hide? Why is some information written in Urdu?”

The store manager, however, can be heard saying that “Do what you want to do, Haldiram’s is not going to entertain these tantrums” and when the reporter continued on with their tirade the manager added that “If you want to have this (snack packet), have it. If you don’t want to have it, keep it here and just go from my outlet.”

Apparently, it wasn’t just the reporter doing this but even Suresh Chavanke, the Editor in Chief of Sudharshan News spoke about this being a conspiracy. In a Twitter video, he stated that “This is a snack for those who are fasting. But the description is printed in Urdu. So what does Haldiram want to hide? Is the food made in animal oil?”

He further said that “Hindus who are fasting can’t read this language and those who can read it are not the ones who are fasting. But interestingly, the Aloo Bhujia and the Salted Peanut packets don’t have Urdu text.”

The Reporter Got Schooled

With the video going viral the behaviour of the reporter made a lot of netizens angry over how they were clearly trying to make a mountain out of thin air.

Many clarified that the language on the packet was Arabic and not Urdu since the brand exports its products to Muslim dominant countries and thus would need to have it in order to be understood there.

Some also stated that Urdu is an Indian language just like the many other various languages of the country and it is not that strange for the packet to have it. They pointed out the official Indian currency and other landmarks in the country also supporting Urdu language on it.


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It seems that this is not the first time that this particular TV channel has engaged in such behaviour, with them having even been censured by the Supreme Court previous for its Islamophobic content and airing programmes on topics like “conspiracy to infiltrate Muslims in government service”.

The court put a stop to the show, however, staying that “An insidious attempt has been made to insinuate that the community is involved in a conspiracy to infiltrate the civil services. Several statements in the episodes, which have been drawn to the attention of the Court, are not just palpably erroneous but have been made in wanton disregard of the truth.”

Justice Indu Malhotra had commented that “I saw one of the episodes and it was hurtful to watch. Many pictorials are offensive and need to be taken off,” while Supreme Court judge Justice DY Chandrachud said that “The Sudarshan TV show on the infiltration of Muslims in Civil Services is insidious and rabid since it tends to target one particular community.”

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