India has always been home to a myriad of different species and cultures. Since time immemorial it has been known as the realm of precious jewels and luxury. To this date, the country is all but shrouded in mystery for a lot of other nations.

What adds more to this mystical veneer is its beautiful and diverse world of floras and faunas. From golden sand beaches to a salt desert, and snow-capped mountains and dense rain forests, India is known for its geographical diversity. And, this has blessed the land with exotic wildlife species; making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Owing to the country’s rich biodiversity, India has 104 national parks and 553 wildlife sanctuaries. Be it the postcard wildlife of India – majestic elephants and elusive cats or the more slithery ones – the King Cobra, India’s lap of nature breeds some of the rarest wildlife species there is.

Let’s take a look at the wildlife species that exist only in India –

Nilgiri Tahr

Snow Leopard

Lion-tailed Macaque

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Great Indian Bustard

Red Panda

Black Buck

Majestic as these animals are, they’re also rare and are only native to India.

Image Sources: Google Images

Sources: India Today, News 18, Hindustan Times

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