As Oscar Wilde once said, “All art is immortal.” Not only is it immortal in itself but it also has the ability to make a man immortal. So much so that the legends who pass away continue to live within our and our upcoming generations’ hearts, till eternity. What’s noteworthy is how art today is making legends immortal not just metaphorically but literally!

Yes, you read that right! Recently, a Turkey based artist, Alper Yesiltas in one of his biggest projects, brought Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and many other untimely lost legends back to life with the help of artificial intelligence by drawing them in their present form, as if they are still amidst us, “as if nothing happened” (this being the title of his project!).

Ever wondered what your most beloved icons would have looked like today if actually none of the tragic things happened to them? Well then here’s your chance to witness!

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These are just but a few of a dozen more of the legends Yesiltas portrayed, like Freddie Mercury, Heath Ledger and Jimi Hendrix to name a few – all reinforcing how transient and unpredictable life could be. Do these stars look like what you actually imagined them to? Tell us in the comments down below!

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Sources: India Today, Sunday Post, The Ringer +more

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