A new advisory was issued by the Indian embassy this week which asked the Indians living in Ukraine to leave immediately by any means available.

Prior to this, India had issued another advisory on 19th October, this year, for warning travellers going to Ukraine and asking students to return to their country citing the worsening security situation.

“In continuation of the advisory issued by the embassy on October 19, 2022, all Indian citizens in Ukraine are advised to immediately leave Ukraine by available means,” the advisory read.

Advisory for Indians in Ukraine

The advisory was issued because there was allegedly a threat of the use of a dangerous bomb that elevated the tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

The Threat

Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defence Minister had told Ben Wallace, British Defence Secretary about his concern about the possible use of the dirty bomb by Kyiv.

Shoigu had even contacted Indian and Chinese defence ministers on Wednesday to tell them about the possible use of the dirty bomb. Hence, because of the concerns raised by Russia, India issued an advisory for the Indians to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

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Moscow’s defense ministry said in a statement, “The situation in Ukraine was discussed. Army General Sergei Shoigu conveyed to his Chinese counterpart concerns about possible provocation by Ukraine with the use of a dirty bomb.”

About The Dirty Bomb

It is a kind of bomb that consists of radioactive materials such as Uranium. When these bombs are exploded, the radioactive material gets dispersed in the air. These bombs are inexpensive and can be made easily and quickly.

Dirty bomb explosion

As per the British Broadcasting Corporation, the radioactive materials used in these bombs can be attained from hospitals, nuclear power stations, and laboratories.

These bombs are considered to be quite dangerous because the radioactive material that gets spread in the air post-explosion can cause certain serious diseases, like cancer.

How Ukraine Reacted To The Claims?

Ukraine dismissed the claims made by Russia and said that it is a strategy to distract everyone from Moscow’s plans to use the dirty bomb. Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine said, “Russia was the source of everything dirty that can be imagined in this war.”

According to Energoatom, the country’s state enterprise that operates four nuclear power plants, Russian troops have secretly done construction work at the occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant.

According to the Associated Press, it also said, “The Russian troops are preparing a terrorist act using nuclear materials and radioactive waste stored at the plant.” 

Whether these claims made by Russia are true or false shall be unraveled, however, Ukraine has denied the claims made by Russia.  

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