We often find ourselves confused while in supermarkets, trying to decide what we want from the array of products put on display. Studies show that 1 in 5 people opt to buy the product that satiates their eyes.

The art of product packaging is proliferating in a fast manner. The best designers from the best institutions are involved in the product packaging and the end result is aesthetically pleasing as well as extremely creative.

Here are a few examples of the most creative product packaging ever done.

Tesla Tequila

The tech giant’s premium liquor beverage bottle was handcrafted by skilled artisans making it look extremely unique. It also comes in premium packaging with specific instructions on how to handle it with care.

Smirnoff Caipiroska

The product offers a ‘fruity-full’ experience to customers, and the bottles are also transported in wooden crates, just like fruits are essentially transported.

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NYC Spaghetti

What started as a university project made its way to staple everyday food items. The most engaging aspect of the design is that it highlights the product itself.

Nike Air 

The product needs no introduction – Nike is extremely well known for its sports apparel across the world. While extremely popular sport-celebrities endorse Nike’s products, the company decided to take a completely different tangent with this product.

They switched up the traditional cardboard packaging and replaced it with cushion packaging which was very well in tandem with the product name! It also served to be protective and prevented any damage during shipping.


The company’s cute venture was something customers had not seen before. The mascot – the blue cat is shown in several cutesy positions, with every design telling a story. The product essentially reaches out to every cat lover out there.

creative packaging

Product packaging is definitely an art. It helps manipulate the consumer’s decision – and not entirely in a bad manner. In fact, we often end up with amazing products that speak to us!

Did you feel that these designs were creative and engaging? If you have more examples, please share with us by commenting below!

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Sources: Winner Brands, Many Pixels, HBR

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