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The iconic Kolhapuri chappals made in the districts of Kolhapur, Solapur, Sangli and Satara in Maharashtra and Dharwad, Belgaum, Bagalkot and Bijapur in Karnataka have been granted a GI tag.

Kolhapuris can be traced back to the 12th-century when the ruler of Karnataka, King Bijjal and his Prime Minister Vishwaguru Basavanna who encouraged the production of these chappals in order to uplift the cobbler community.

kolhapuri chappal gi tag

What is a GI tag?

GI stands for Geographical Indication, it indicates that the given product originates from a particular place and possesses certain qualities and distinctiveness, owning to its origin.

Having a GI tag is like having a stamp of authenticity. It fetches a higher price in the international market, thus giving a boost to exports and increasing the income of the artisans who produced or manufactured it.

GI tags are given to both, agricultural and manufactured (handicrafts and industrial) products. Thus, the range of products that own a GI tag varies from Darjeeling Tea to Meerut Scissors.

More than 300 such products have a GI tag, here are some such popular products.

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Source: Wikipedia, Money ControlThe Hindu

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