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“How could you not like dogs?”

“They’re so adorable?”

“You don’t have a heart!”

As dog lovers, we (rightly!) believe that doggos are the sweetest, kindest creatures to walk planet earth. Their waggy tails, licks, loyalty, and love are unparalleled by any other species, humans included.

We are so deeply appreciative of dogs that we often can’t fathom why anyone WOULDN’T like them. As a result, we tend to ask incredulous questions like the ones above, and be a bit rude (unintentionally). 

Being Insensitive

I used to do that too, till I met someone who really liked snakes. They tried to convince me how sweet and cute snakes were, but all I could see was a potential killing machine.

That was when it hit me that just like how I couldn’t be convinced to get over my distaste for snakes, there must be many people who feel the same about dogs. 

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Different Perspectives

While dogs don’t have venomous fangs, I agree that to the uninitiated, their long canines and growls can be quite intimidating. 

Imagine being paralysed with fear at the mere sight of an animal, and having someone force you to touch it- sounds like a potentially heart attack-inducing situation, right?

Respecting Boundaries

Just like in all other aspects of life, we can’t expect people to share our views on dogs, too. 

As long as they do not harm or hurt dogs in any way, I feel we as dog lovers should respect them when they say they’d rather keep a distance. 

Forcibly making someone get close to an animal will never work- in fact, it will only increase their revulsion towards the species!

Bottom line, let’s not be jerks. Let’s respect each other’s preferences and space, and not pass judgement just because others don’t share our views. 

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