Tired of waiting around for the Hogwarts letter to show up with your name on it? We have all been there. It’s tough to keep the hope alive in a world without magic, full of muggles trying to kill our dreams.

Therefore, Potterheads all around the world have come up with Harry Potter themed festivals to celebrate life at Hogwarts. These festivals take place annually at different locations and include a variety of events.

Be prepared with your brooms to attend the Harry Potter themed Carnivals!

Queen City Mischief and Magic Festival, Virginia

I have always wanted to try the chocolate frog and guess what? You can find it here! Also, try limeade libation, Harry’s favourite butterbeer, or magical glitter-infused Hefeweizen (white beer) famously called “9 ¾.”

Wizard & Witches Beer Festival

The DJ will make you groove to the rhythm at the Harry Potter dreamland.

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Chestertown Harry Potter Festival

If you happen to be in one of these towns, dress up in a robe and wrap the Gryffindor scarf around your neck or go as a muggle, you are bound to be stunned! Learn the art of magic and showcase your skills to the ones who missed out on the event. 

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