The Adivasi community constitutes for about 8% of our population. They are not just a representation of culture but also storehouses of knowledge regarding forests, community culture etc.

In fact, they are often termed as protectors of forests due to their sustainable forest management techniques.

Santhals, Munda, Kondhi are some of the major tribes in India. Adivasis live in regions ranging from some discrete northeastern places to the states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra etc.

Sadly, over time they have faced severe marginalism and have been immensely neglected.

Not only are they suffering from acute poverty but are also decreasing in numbers. Large-scale deforestation and loss of basic amenities are a few reasons behind this.

Regarded as one of the indivisible elements of our society let us have a closer look at India’s Adivasi culture.


Adivasi population

Adivasi culture

Kondh tribe

Naga tribes

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Santhal tribe

Munda tribe

Poverty among adivasis


Decline in adivasis

Hope for adivasis

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