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Improving Looks, Changing Lives! That’s what renowned plastic surgeon Dr Wilton Triggs does for you


Plastic surgery is a field of clinical science related with adjusting the structure and capacity of a body part. Numerous deformations can be somewhat or totally dispensed with the assistance of this scientific procedure and who knows this craft better than Dr Wilton Triggs.

Growing up in a rural community from North Alabama, as a child of a single parent with little source of income Dr Triggs has achieved his success by going through a lot of hardships and his path to success was not easy.  From a very young age, Dr Triggs had a keen interest in medical science, always digging more into the nuances on a deeper level. Having multiple interests in the medical field, he was more drawn towards specializing in plastic surgery. Today Dr Triggs stands amongst one of the best in the field of plastic surgery. He has an enormous list of achievements in his career as a student and a surgeon. A medical degree holder from Meharry Medical College, Nashville, TN and a graduate from the University of Alabama with a degree in Chemistry, graduating with University honours, Dr Triggs has always stayed ahead in all his endeavours.

In his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr Triggs has served as the chief resident in plastic surgery at the University of South Florida. An expert in both reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery he was one of the three applicants who was selected for a training program in the US. As a mentor to medical students, he is also a front face of the plastic surgery community to the US Congress concerning the expansion of residency slots and access to speciality care. Dr Triggs has been invited as a guest lecturer in various medical forums and he has a vast list of articles published under his name.

Dr Triggs has been honored with the Annual G3 Life Applications “Community Impact Leader” award in 2018 and also the University of South Florida Graduate Medical Education Research Grant Award.

Dr Triggs says “Plastic surgery is not only my profession, it’s my passion” and he aims to enhance the quality of people’s lives by helping them achieve their aesthetic goals. Know more about him through his website – www.WTriggsMD.com or follow him on Instagram/Twitter @WTriggsMD, and Facebook – Wilton L. Triggs II, MD.

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