Rahul Kharbanda is spreading more magic with his new interactive acts. The techno illusionist and magician is capitalizing on those acts, as physical events return with a bang.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced everyone to go online. Artists and event organisers immediately transitioned to virtual show setup, with everyone upgrading their screen backdrops and audio visual equipment.

However, as new Covid cases decline and vaccines become more widely available, the Event Industry, like others, is beginning to return to the physical world after enjoying a taste of the virtual format.

Aside from weddings, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions, activities have resumed offline since September, after the government loosened attendance limits. The sector is now optimistic that the business graph will continue to rise from here. Artists from all over India have rolled up their sleeves and are ready to capitalise on this upcoming opportunity.

One such artist is Magician Rahul Kharbanda from New Delhi, who is capitalizing on his new interactive acts. Kharbanda has already performed for Mercedes in Udaipur, Seagate in Lucknow, during Volvo Trucks’ Annual Awards, Anytime Fitness’ Annual Conference in Goa, and Niva Bupa’s R & R meet in Gurgaon since September 21.

Rahul Kharbanda is a second generation illusionist from a Magician family. His elder brother Sumit Kharbanda is also a well-known illusionist and their Mentor and father, Mr.AshokKharbanda, is a well-known magician and a National Award Winner.

After the pandemic began, magician Rahul transformed his godown into a full-fledged studio complete with proper lighting, appealing backgrounds, Fibre Internet, and the necessary table tripods.

This enabled him to win deals for a large number of high-quality virtual shows from reputable businesses and private groups, Rahul established himself in the virtual world as well.

However, he now says that the market has begun to rebound and that the final few months of 2021 are looking promising in terms of physical events.

What makes Rahul’s act unique is his digital I pad Magic. In that he produces illusions using his I pad / Tab… Sketches things on the screen… transforms them into real objects… and then takes them out of the screen in real world …

Rahul has experimented with this digital magic on phones, tablets, TVs, and large LED screens. He has also used the magic widely during corporate shows, product launches, R&R meetings, award ceremonies, and other presentations.

Rahul’s magic has also spread to Bollywood, as he has now become a consultant in the industry. His work may be seen in the upcoming film ‘ATRANGI RE,’ starring Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, and Dhanush.
Rahul has executed all of the performances and props of Akshay Kumar, who plays a magician in the film.

Rahul has also appeared Bollywood & other celebrities on stage magically during live events including superstars Katrina Kaif & Vidya Balan.

According to Rahul, the reason for the enormous popularity of his I pad Magic is that today everyone is so close to technology and is carrying a whole world in their palm in the form of a mobile Phone.

He says, “They connect to my Magic instantly as this technology is part of their daily lives… its the most visually impossible effect you would ever see….”

And he concludes his talk with a mention about his web site www.magicianrahul.com

You can also connect with him on
Facebook Page : illusionist Rahul Kharbanda 
Instagram : illusionist_Rahul_Kharbanda 
You tube : illusionist Rahul Kharbanda



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