We always comment on the less number of girls in fields like engineering, maths and science. Considering how well female students do at the school level in these areas, one would think that most of the engineering and such courses in college would have at least a decent number of girl students.

However, that is not the case with girls comprising a disturbing minority in tech and other colleges including IIT.

This has been noticed in the last few years and has been the subject of many debates and discussions as to why exactly we don’t see girl students here and whether society is at fault or not.

With the HRD working on this since early January this year, measures were taken to ensure that a subsequent hike in the female student number would go up.

With the supernumerary seats for girls hiked to make sure that the number of female students on campus would be 14%, the results certainly seem to be showing.

More Female Students In 2018?

According to reports, the numbers that have come in show a positive increase for seats secured by female students in the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) to 15.39% from the previous year’s measly 9.15%.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry shared the figures on Friday and stated that about 1,858 girls have taken admission and that the current number is still just based on the first round of counselling.

By July 18th, it is expected that the final number can go even higher when the seventh that is the final round of counselling will be finished.

The secretary of higher education, R Subrahmanyam in the HRD ministry was quoted saying that, “This is a big step forward in restoring gender balance in IITs. I am sure the impact of this would be felt for many years to come. I thank the IIT community for making this possible.”

Not only the number of seats for girls was raised to make sure that each campus has a 14% female student population, but work is going on so that the numbers increase to almost 20% by 2026.

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Finally Females In IITs

The reason why such measures were taken is because in 2017 the Joint Admission Board (JAB) noticed how even though a heavy amount of girl students are clearing entrance tests to these institutes, the final admission rate was always extremely low.

This could also serve as a push for female students to join in such institutes and work towards creating a balance between the male-female ration in these sectors.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Economic Times 

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