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IIT Delhi Wants You To Stop Eating Beef And Start Drinking Cow Urine, Seriously.


By Arpita Singh

Where are we heading to? IIT Delhi gets a proposal to conduct research so as to ascertain why people should not consume beef!


For The Love of Vigilantes!

The affiliation of vigilantes to a certain object and their protectionism towards religious icons have to lead to riots in every corner of the country. Acceptance or consideration of such proposals can lead to even more deadly incidents. Cows are obviously important and valuable for us as it provides us with enormous resources but using cows to right the wrongs done in the name of religion does not glorify cow.


Cows are great creatures on their own,  they don’t need any backing from these vigilantes to prove their usefulness. Yet, the institute has received 34 research proposals from across the country to study the pertinence of panchgavya.

Panchgavya is a mixture prepared by mixing the five products of cow i.e. cow dung, urine, milk, ghee, and curd and is used in Indian rituals. These are mixed in equal ratio and then allowed to ferment. Proponents claim that cow urine therapy is capable of curing several diseases including certain types of cancers, although these claims have no scientific backing.

There is a proposal from TERI to do chemical profiling of panchgavya based products, research will focus on reducing the dependence on artificial fertilizers and bring panchgavya products in practice. Some of the proposals include developing panchgavya based juices, functional foods, and beverages.


I Admit, There Is Some Good To It…

There is no denial that if these products are effective it can be used as an alternative which is cheap and easily available. But what poses a threat to mutual existence is the specific selection of an animal which is related to a particular ethnic group. The cow has always been the center of vicious political gains. All the incidents which occur in the name of cows malign its glory.


The real question is why a research is to be conducted on cow specifically, why not other animals draws the attention of these recommenders may be because ‘Gaae humari Maate hai’.

The country has always been embroiled in controversies regarding cows. Vigilantes after all take up the responsibility to check and counter anything that beeps their radars.


Why  Should Any Educational Institutions Participate In This?

When highly established institutes like IIT Delhi receives such proposals and then it is looked upon with so much of seriousness it threatens the coexistence of people with different ethnicity. Having a scientific approach to do a research on alternate resources is a big thumbs-up but when a research focuses on what should be on a person’s plate it is certainly not constructive.

So much of influence of one particular ideology in public funded institutions is worrisome. The funds are not from only Hindus or Muslims or any one particular group after all.

The education system in India needs to remain ideologically secular to garner any intellectual freedom to students from across the country with different religious and customary backgrounds. It is necessary to assure students that their differences will be accepted and they will have the freedom to practice their customs.

There are proposals to ascertain that why people should not consume beef and that Vitamin D is only present in indigenous cows. No wonder, the Sun is going to die out of shame after hearing this…


Moral Policing will Find an Easy Way thereafter…

It will not be incorrect to say that if in case an institute like IIT Delhi takes up such proposals which specifically targets holiness of the cow, it will be a cherry on top for these vigilantes to intervene in people’s personal views and choices. Moral policing is more likely to get backing from the realms of educational corridors. Vigilantes will beat someone up and cite a research for their deeds.

Can you imagine how difficult it will then be to counter their unreasonableness?


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