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Ignite the : a one stop destination that ignites crowdfunding for a variety of needs – personal, business, education, housing and charity 


Ignitethefund propels your crowd funding goals to reach a fast conclusion. This unique online platform is a crowdfunding website for personal needs, crowdfunding website for business start- ups, a crowdfunding website for education, crowdfunding website for charity and a crowdfunding website for housing.This website promotes and supports a variety of funding requirements. It encompasses personal needs that arise for families, individuals and communities.

It also supports business needs with crowdfunding for start ups.  This dynamic platform empowers   both the donor and the recipient.  For the donor it empowers by giving the opportunity of generosity and giving back to society and bettering the life of others. For the recipient it empowers through the chance of living his dreams once the financial needs are met.

At ignite the fund we comprehend the importance of dreams and work towards helping you realize them by giving you the right tools. Nothing makes us happier than seeing people and businesses achieve their goals through the generosity and compassion of others. We give you a platform to share your dreams and ideas that are thwarted for want of funds. We provide a platform to people who are willing to contribute and add meaning and fulfillment to the lives of others by being dynamic change makers.

We understand that no requirement is too small, no cause too trivial for us to list, because we strongly believe that all dreams need action and impetus. We offer you the power of our crowdfunding website with a global reach.  We bring to you a go- to platform through our crowdfunding website catering to manifold personal and business needs.

Ignite the spark that you need to realize your funding dreams by contacting us at:


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