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Adjusting To The New Normal: A Guide For Entrepreneurs Trying To Adopt The “Remote-work” Model


For the greater part of 2020, the whole world has been engulfed in the global COVID-19 pandemic. While there are possibilities of finding a permanent cure, with effective vaccines already coming into circulation, the aftermath of the virus is still leading the world into a new age of work and life. Many businesses are already ahead of this curve and are adjusting to the “New Normal” seamlessly.  Examples of these businesses are multinational companies who have shifted their operations and gone the “remote-work” way. 

However, many entrepreneurs are still struggling to adapt to this new model. Perhaps those who are most affected are small and medium business owners who have to handle all the aspects of their business independently. Landon Murie is one such entrepreneur who is way ahead of his time. 

Landon Murie is the founder of Goodjuju Marketing, a digital marketing firm that helps property managers and facility owners to maximize their online platforms and gain visibility. Since the inception of Goodjuju, the company has operated on a remote model, with employees from different parts of the world.

“As a digital marketing company, hiring remotely is a very cost-effective way to find good talent regardless of being in a pandemic or not,” Landon Murie, founder of Goodjuju comments.

While being a very effective talent strategy, remote hiring must still be executed following certain principles for it to work for small businesses.

Have A Communication System 

The first thing that must be installed for a good remote workplace is a central communication system. Hiring remotely means that employees will often come from different time zones in far-flung parts of the world. As a business owner, you must invest in a central communication network that will allow for both ease and efficiency in relating to your team. 

Having a model like this will serve you two-fold. First, it will vastly improve the productivity of your team. Having members in different parts of the world will encourage your internal teams to be more organized and streamlined. Likewise, you will also save on the company’s bottom line by cutting physical costs, enabling you to compensate your workforce better. 

Train Your Team 

Initiating and maintaining a standard team training and onboarding procedure will be incredibly useful for you as you develop your remote team. 

“To implement remote-work effectively, you need to have a good source for finding motivated and reliable talent, and then have good internal systems and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to keep your team running efficiently and productively,” Landon Murie states.

Training your team is not only useful for onboarding, but it will also help you function better as the business owner. Landon has experienced this personally. 

“I had been doing a lot of everything including even a lot of the client marketing work which made it impossible for me to focus on Goodjuju’s marketing, sales, and growth. After getting team members training and building systems for them to do most of that work with my oversight, it freed up a lot of my time to focus on marketing and growing Goodjuju with different SEO, advertising, and outbound sales strategies.”

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