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iFIXLY – Mac, PC & Smartphone Repair


Smartphones, PCs, and Macs are a way of modern life. A person cannot live without them especially nowadays where being connected moves the world forward. Plus, many people rely on their Macs, PCs, and smartphones to get their work done. More and more people are working from home where their only source of income is through their screen. Therefore, PCs, Macs, and smartphones should be repaired when they break down. That is what iFIXLY offers to its customers in Frisco, Texas. iFIXLY is a company that can repair your Apple products such as your iPhone as well as being able to repair your computers regardless if it is a Mac or a PC. They can also perform data recovery for PCs and Mac.  The latter is useful so that none of your media, work, and projects get lost.

Why Repair Instead Of Replace?

 The short answer is that it is cheaper to repair technology than it is to replace it. Replacing your PC, smartphone, or Mac should happen when you need to upgrade or you can afford to do so. iFIXLY, a Computer Repair Service in Frisco, Texas will be able to give your PC or Mac a second life by repairing it.

This means that you would be able to save money as well as get all your work, software, programs, etc. back without the need to restart everything from the beginning. Yes, you should have a back-up of your work and projects but what if you do not? And it takes time to transfer from the back-up to another primary source to do your work. Getting your equipment repaired will not only save you money but time as well.

 iFIXLY wear’s many hats since it is a PC, and Apple repair company in Frisco, Texas.  

What Else Does iFIXLY Offer

Besides offering their customers Mac, PC, smartphone repair they can also perform hardware data recovery in Frisco, Texas. Not only that, but they can recover SSD, RAID, Server, and Encrypted data, to name a few others.

They have the means and ways to work with different types of products, and brands when it comes to PCs. The brand they have worked on are Apple, Linux, HP, Dell, and Microsoft. iFIXLY can repair broken iPhone screen, charge ports, as well as do battery replacement.

However, they do focus on iPhone products more than the other (except for Samsung) making them a one-stop iPhone repair company in Frisco, Texas.

But, they do not only focus on hardware but software as well such as Windows, Microsoft Office 365, and even email configuration. Plus, laptop and PC virus removal, as well as diagnostic and troubleshoot is another one of their services. If you require repairing your electronics and are in Frisco, Texas then you can reach out to iFIXLY to lead you a hand at giving your PC, Mac, or smartphone a second life. Their address is:

279 Main St Suite # 128

Frisco Texas 75036

Tel: 469-731-8001

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