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If U.S. Is Against Terrorism, Then Why Does It Aid Pakistan?

War is an economy and if anyone tells something else, then either he is in it or is stupid. A major reason why the US aids Pakistan.


It is quite perplexing that the U.S. continues to fund Pakistan in spite of publicly slandering Pakistan for being a hub of terrorists and also threatening it with warnings of grave consequences.

How Did It All Start?

In the 1980s, the major reason behind aiding Pakistan was to use Islamic warriors funded by Saudi Arabia and trained by Pakistan to fight the Soviet Union occupation of Afghanistan. The U.S. channeled all aid to the Jihadi warriors through Pakistan. This is probably the largest tactical success but at the same time, a huge strategic failure.

The trained warriors did not go back to rest and resorted to an earlier mode of living after the Soviet Union left the theatre. They morphed into Al Qaeda and other terrorist organisations and hurt the whole world, none more than the U.S.

The Key To Control Other Disputed Areas

Strategically, Pakistan is of vital importance for the U.S.. It borders Afghanistan, Iran (which could be the theatre of a World War 3), China (America’s biggest trade partner with whom the U.S. has a love-hate relationship) and India (America’s strong ally in the region).

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The defence magnets want more and more customers. Money that USA taxpayers give to Pak in the form of aid, returns back swiftly to USA’s defence industry.

India will buy advanced machinery if it sees its counterpart getting the best of arms. We have been seeing arm deals of billions being signed between India and America.

So defence establishment lobbies for aiding Pakistan military wise in order to keep the business running.

Maintain Supremacy In The Multi Polar World

India is both an international and regional superpower and it’s gradually becoming an influential player in today’s multi polar world which consists mainly of U.S., Russia, and China.

A multi-polar world is a threat to the supremacy of U.S. So, USA plays the game of checks and balances.

It helps Pakistan in some way or the other so that the progress of India could be checked. At the same time, it also helps Japan and India to check the rise of China. It is all an entangled chain, the aim of which is only to maintain a control over economies and not to be challenged for the throne.

More Harm Than Good?

Indeed, Pakistan’s “double game” – in which the country serves as a military partner of U.S. and also guardian or follower of its enemies has been clearly evident. But it is only recently, following the withdrawal of the majority of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, has the U.S. government seriously begun to consider stop giving freebies to Pakistan.

Pakistan inflates the amount it spends on counterterrorism in order to receive even more money. It is the U.S. taxpayer who has his money being drained down by such activities.

It is outrageous that the U.S. is giving billions to Terrorist-Supporting Pakistan, even if under the false garb of humanitarian causes.

Unfortunately, War is an economy and rhetorics are just a way to blind the common man. It is high time countries like the U.S. get their priorities on track and walk the talk.

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