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“I Lied Because Have Hatred Towards Hindus”, Barun Kashyap Cooks Up Fake Gau Rakshak Story


The Leather Bag case that pushed Barun Kashyap, a film executive  into limelight has taken a new twist with Kashyap saying that he faked the entire incident.

Barun says that no ‘Gau Rakshak’ happened and that he fabricated the entire story because he wanted to disrupt communal harmony in Mumbai.


The Fabricated Story

According to the statement, Barun gave to the police an auto rickshaw driver along with two unidentified men (who Barun presumed to Gau Rakshaks) attacked him because he had a leather bag with him.

But as the investigations progressed it became evident that Kashyap had spun the whole story because ‘he hated Hindus’ and wanted to spark outrage.

He was successful to some extent because AAP leader Preeti Sharma Menon voraciously supported Kashyap and blamed the government of Maharashtra for siding with the culprits and how the CM had a soft corner for the Gau Rakshaks.

AAP’s usual anti-BJP rant gained momentum when Maharashtra’s CM Devendra Phadnavis promised to catch the culprits on national television. Little did he know that it was a big fat lie.

barun kashyap

This Case Is Far From Over!

However if looked closely this case is far from over. Barun Kashyap was a known face in the film circuit. HE was a respected personality and nobody could’ve expected him to use and abuse government machinery for personal satisfaction.

His hatred for a particular religion is totally personal and using the police or blaming the state government is in no way justified.

Gau Rakshaks have become controversial figures in the country. While some politicians bash then=m other endorse them.

Kashyap tried to use the Rakshaks to spark off tensions in Mumbai. Imagine the kind of loss Mumbai had to suffer if Kashyap had been successful.

It has been reiterated time and again that India is one big country and our diversity is what makes us strong and it is people like Kashyap who derive some morbid sort of pleasure by throwing the country in turmoil.

AAP has proved to be a laughing stock of sorts yet gain. They did what they do best- blinding follow anything that is anti-BJP. Looks like Mr. Kejriwal is in dire need of fact-checkers.

And Mr. Kashyap it is time you wake up and smell the coffee, the enemy is not inside the country the enemy is outside. Stop trying to harm the nation with your antics. You shame us.

Maybe five years in jail will teach you your lesson.

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