The first song of Raazi is out and what better way to convey the theme of the film than with a patriotic song.

With Arijit Singh’s voice giving life to Gulzar’s soulful lyrics, the song Ae Watan is full of patriotic lyrics conveying not just love but loyalty and respect for our country.

You can listen to the song here:

The Meghna Gulzar directed movie that stars Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal has been amassing a good following due to its realistic outlook on the true story that it is based on.

But for the time being, let us take a look at the song and what are our thoughts regarding it:

The Video Adds Depth To It

While the audio is good, the video lends a certain visual element to it further creating emphasis on the lyrics and giving them depth.

The scenes of Sehmat’s mentor asking why exactly she agreed to this mission, very cleverly adding the movie’s name into it, her meeting her future husband, coming to new home and going about her mission in a foreign land and in between enemies allows us as the audience to understand what exactly the brave woman went through.

The song playing in the background sucks you in and keeps your attention on what all Sehmat has to do and only increases your heartbeat each second you think now she might get caught.

Towards the end of the video, Sehmat is seen at a school celebration in Pakistan mouthing the words ‘mere watan’ signifying her patriotism will always lie with her country.

Raazi Song

The Lyrics Are Hypnotic

No one can beat Gulzar when it comes to lyrics and he shows his prowess even here with powerful and impactful lyrics.

The chorus is itself something that can easily glide on your tongue and make you sing along to this patriotic song but there are a few lines that truly struck me.

The way it brings in the army people and all who put their life at risk for their country, Sehmat included, can be felt in the lines,

‘Kurban meri jaan tujh pe,

Shaad rahe tu’

It even has something in reference to, according to me, the NRI people who might live away from the country with the line,

‘pahunchun main jahan bhi,

meri buniyad rahe tu’

But most probably it is talking about Sehmat who might feel emotions of conflict and doubt as she gets closer to her husband and falls in love with him. However, this line puts to rest any confusion about her loyalty to her country by saying that wherever one may go, our root or base will always remain India.

Even the last line in the video of the song ‘Watan ke age kuch bhi nai, khud bhi nai’ also emphasizes this fact.

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Arijit Singh

Although Arijit Singh really sang the song to the best of his abilities this was one area where the song could have done better.

To be entirely honest, it is not like he is singing bad, in fact, Arijit does a good enough job but I believe there are several much better singers like Sonu Nigam if they wanted an experienced singer, Amit Trivedi, Papon, KK and others that in my opinion could have sung this song as good if not better.

Overall though, the song is a good fit for those times when you want to fire up your patriotic streak or even a quiet evening when you want to contemplate some things.

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Sources: YouTube, Indian Express 

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