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Bolt M1: The Hybrid Electric Bike That Can Run Underwater


By Kshiteeja Tomar


Want to lose weight but are too cool to ride a bicycle? Here’s your solution: the BOLT M1. This is the bike on which fit and cool ride together! Impressive, eh?

Forget Tesla, Electric bikes is what we want.

The Bolt M1 a.k.a “The Tesla of Electric Bikes” is a sleek, electrically operated bike running on lithium-ion-phosphate battery. Like any other dirt bike, it is light in weight (only 140 pounds), and can ride easily on both on and off-road trails. That includes freeways, mountains and hills. And that is not all… since the bike contains a lower ionic content (thanks to its avant grande battery) YOU CAN EVEN RIDE THE BIKE UNDERWATER!! :’)


Batteries: that’s what we are made of.

Developed by a startup from San Francisco, this piece of art comprises of two detachable batteries which weigh 30 pounds each. So it’s totally okay if you don’t have a garage. All you need to do is carry these babies home, plug them in for 5 hours straight and you are good to go. Also, the bike functions on a password which can be programmed by the user and hence, there goes the hassle of losing keys.


Too good under the hood

The bike works on two modes: Economy and Sport. With the sport mode, it can go up to the speed of 40 mph and with the switch of a button can turn into economy mode, which provides the speed of around 20 mph. Other than this, the bike contains a super cool feature called Regenerative Braking. Thanks to this feature, each time you slow down, a certain amount of energy goes back to the batteries – which can later help you to ride an extra mile!

To act as an icing on the cake, this hybrid electric bike is Bluetooth-enabled(!) and can be connected to your smartphone through an app and can track your progress. It also has a USB port which can be used to charge any of your devices and requires no registration, license or insurance. Them thug-life feels!


What’s the verdict?

In the end, to sum up, apart from being a bit pricey at 55,000 dollars, Bold M1 is a pretty amazing set of wheels to own. Not only is it recyclable and 100% serviceable, but can last up to 35 miles. It acts as an incredible bicycle and proves to be a reasonable motorbike as well. This is probably as good as any hybrid electric bikes get! All in all, M1 is the one product which can provide an experience which is the best of both worlds!

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