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HungryPanda, One Stop Shop to All Things Chinese


The concept of holding dinner parties is not a foreign one. People all over the world host dinner parties every once in a while, at their households. Dinner parties are a perfect combination of spending leisure time with a company of friends and great food to comfort one’s own home.Although hosting dinner parties is a great source of fun, it brings with itself tons of work in shopping, preparation, cooking, and cleaning, which makes the party a tiring event for the ones hosting it.

Shopping and cooking become immensely difficult,especially when it is a Chinese Food Party. Finding authentic Chinese food ingredients can be a pain if one is relatively new to eating the cuisine, does not have any Chinese friends, or has little or less knowledge about Chinese supermarkets. Ordering Chinese food is comparatively easy as it does not involve cooking or hunting for authentic ingredients. But one can even go wrong in ordering Chinese food as they might have no experience in doing so or might not have knowledge about authentic Chinese restaurants or get confused with the variety that Chinese cuisine has.

A saving grace to all these problems is HungryPanda, a Chinese food ordering app.  HungryPanda has been operating in the UK for almost four years now (launched in 2017) and has been among the UK’s top-rated Chinese food apps.

HungryPanda’s Vision

Founded by Eric Liu, HungryPanda had initially targeted the Chinese immigrants in the UK. Since most of them were not familiar with reading or speaking fluent English, it became really difficult for them to order food and sometimes read the menu. In order to solve this issue and provide them with food that tasted like home, HungryPanda launched its services. The app is made entirely in Chinese, which makes it easier for the Chinese majority to order food using this app.

Soon after its launch,HungryPanda had become a huge success within the UK. It’s prompt delivery services, and easy user interface had made life easy for the Chinese population in the UK. To facilitate its audience, even more, the HungryPanda team decided to launch its customer support as well. To expand their business and gain attention from the English-speaking majority, HungryPanda decided to keep its customer support services bilingual.

Within the span of a few years, the HungryPanda team decided to add grocery delivery services to its app as well. The grocery that is delivered is not just any grocery but are pure Chinese ingredients or items that are directly sourced from China. The reason to add this service is that they saw a growing demand for Chinese food ingredients in the supermarkets. They often spotted locals and Chinese immigrants searching for food ingredients that were grown in China and had to be sourced in the UK and other foreign countries. To satisfy the growing demand and facilitate their customer with the right and most authentic Chinese ingredients, HungryPanda decided to step in and bring a change to the traditional food ordering app. So, currently, the HungryPanda app not only offers and delivers a wide variety of mouthwatering Chinese foods but also delivers original and authentic Chinese food ingredients from supermarkets that source their ingredients straight from China.

Making Chinese Food Accessible To All

HungryPanda has brought a drastic change to the lives of all those living in the UK. Chinese food which was earlier treated as fancy food is now at the fingertips of all. A few taps on the HungryPanda app and the freshly made, piping hot food is right outside the doorstep, ready to be eaten.

Being true to its promise, HungryPanda has an array of authentic Chinese restaurants registered on their app for a quick Chinese fix. HungryPanda takes it on itself to choose restaurants which have high customer ratings, and use authentic Chinese and fresh ingredients for cooking their food. They ensure that all the restaurants registered with the app follow a strict hygiene routine and do not compromise in quality or taste.

Keeping in mind the adverse effects of the pandemic, the HungryPanda team decided to resume their services during the tough times. Taking advantage of the sensitive yet critical situation that everyone was in, the decision of resuming their services was a smart one. This decision not only affected their sales, profit and revenue but also became a source of income of many that were left stranded due to the pandemic. The generous team of HungryPanda did not want to abandon their employees in such hard times, so, the idea of resuming the business was indeed a heartfelt one.

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