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Everything the World Needs to Know About Sound Fighter® Systems, Pioneers of Soundproofing Solutions


Several organizations are standing at the front line when combating land, air, and water pollution. Working for mother earth’s wellbeing means working towards a safe and healthy environment for the world’s population.

While these organizations are making extensive efforts to achieve a healthier planet, not many companies are concerned about reducing noise pollution. When it comes to addressing noise, there is one name that dominates the industry – Sound Fighter® Systems, LLC. 

Named as the business of the year in 2006, Sound Fighter® Systems has been working on cutting down the noise pollution produced by the construction, transport, oil and gas, HVAC, and manufacturing industries since 1973. From small noise barrier walls to North America’s largest outdoor sound-absorptive sound wall, the portfolio of soundproofing solutions is diverse. All their products are designed and developed using the expertise of Acoustical Engineers or Acousticians and are used across a variety of different industries. Murray Stacy, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, stated, “From car-washes to highways, and nearly everything in between, there is one underlying component that remains constant – and that is our relationship with Acoustical Engineers or Acousticians.”

Acousticians at the Heart

Some things are best left to the professionals to handle. Sound Fighter® Systems came into the picture in the 70s with a clear vision, ‘to cut down the noise pollution to achieve a healthy and happy environment for the people.’ To achieve this goal, the company has partnered with experienced Acoustical Engineers or Acousticians. These professionals are experts in the field and bring the knowledge required to develop the most effective soundproofing solutions. It is this collaboration with these professionals that the company has brought to the world effective soundproofing solutions. These include SonaGuard®, RetroSorb®, Mobile Noise Barriers, and LSE® barrier walls. 

The company began operating from Shreveport, which now serves as the headquarters of Sound Fighter® Systems, and today it has expanded its network across Texas and Virginia. According to Murray Stacy (VP of Sound Fighter® Systems), noise pollution goes unnoticed. He believes that Sound Fighter® Systems has been, to an extent, successful in making noise pollution an unnoticeable factor for people living in America. He states, “people would certainly notice the noise if the barriers were to be removed.” 

The first barrier was created and approved by LADOTD almost forty years ago. Patrick Harrison, President of the company, stated, “SFS attained the very first sound wall patent in the United States back in 1973, with our LSE® sound-absorptive panels.” The LSE® system installed from I-49 to I-20 in Shreveport is more than two decades old. The neighborhoods located in this range were all experiencing increased traffic noise. Ever since the installation, the neighbors have enjoyed a beautiful silence that preserves the location’s charm. About this LSE® system, Murray talked about how ‘if we could ‘switch’ the before-and-after noise on and off; you would hear a stark difference.’ Other locations where people can find the Sound Fighter® Systems’ products installed in Shreveport include the new Arthur Teague Extension in Bossier, Frank’s Pizza Napoletana on Fern, and at St. Mark’s Cathedral School on Fairfield. 

The walls manufactured by this company have many applications. Some areas where these walls are working wonders include Natural Gas Compressor and Transmission Stations, Highways & Interstates, Bridges, Truck Turnarounds, and Loading Docks. The applications also extend to shopping centers, industrial and commercial sites, residential developments, race tracks, schools, chillers, transformers, compressors, HVAC equipment, utility stations, and manufacturing plants. 

A Powerful Proprietary Technology

While the company has been serving the industry for decades, it was on March 1st of this year that the company announced the issuance of a U.S patent for the SonaGuard® Sound-Absorptive noise barrier panel. The technology was introduced to ‘provide a high level of sound attenuation via an enhanced-strength and durable outdoor panel.’ The technology was co-developed by Murray Stacy, VP of Marketing and Sales, and Ben Burkett, inside sales manager. The developer duo spent a significant amount of time bringing this technology into the practical world. As per the President, Murray and Ben ‘spent several years creating and tweaking the SonaGuard® panel’s innovative design.’ 

Sound Fighter® Systems, the leading American outdoor sound wall company, has created soundproofing solutions ever since it came into existence. The engineers and designers understood that they needed to develop effective and durable products for robust outdoor use. This is where the SonaGuard® panels come in. “Our intent was to develop a panel that combined extreme acoustic performance with exceptional strength and durability for any outdoor application anywhere in the world. SonaGuard® is the embodiment of these attributes.”

Even though the company has been operating in the industry for almost fifty years, it has not deviated from its initial mission to address the commercial sector’s noise problems. The company’s focus has always been on the commercial and industrial sectors and has avoided bringing its solutions in-house. It has adopted this approach because it may create a conflict of interest and values. As Murray stated, “We have resisted the temptation to offer formal acoustical services in-house because there is an obvious conflict in recommending a specific treatment to a customer, then turning around and selling them that same treatment.” The company’s policy is only to recommend and defer such requests to outside, independent Acousticians.

During the past five decades, the company with a BBB A+ rating has extended its services to the Department of Transport of Louisiana, Virginia, and North Carolina. Their clients’ network also includes BAE, Chevron, Exxon, AMEX, Georgia Transmission, Dominion Power, TransCanada, Navy Federal Credit Union, Verizon, and several others. Serving as the pioneers of soundproofing solutions for the outdoors, Sound Fighter® Systems was named Shreveport-Bossier “2006 Small Business of the Year.” It was also honored at an awards luncheon at the new Shreveport Convention Center. The company’s smart business model has earned them mentions by the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce as a  prototypical small business success model in 2007.  Sound Fighter® Systems will continue to spearhead the industry and technology impacting noise reduction positively.

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