Disclaimer: Before starting I would like to clarify that being an animal lover I feel that not only are animals smarter than we give them credit for, but they are kinder and at the very least, honest about their real selves instead of pretending to be something they are not.

Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher very astutely conveyed our general mentality regarding other people with this quote, “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human. Society is something that precedes the individual. Anyone who either cannot lead the common life or is so self-sufficient as not to need to, and therefore does not partake of society, is either a beast or a god.”

This is actually still relevant in today’s time but my point here is to focus on the ‘animal’ part and how human beings are considered to be at the top of the food chain, and they certainly are in a manner of speaking, seeing how they have gradually eliminated quite an impressive amount of species from Earth.

But I also feel that instead of progressing and actually becoming a smart and evolved race, we are going back in evolution and turning into rabid animals.

Let me illustrate this point by showing how we are slowly starting to resemble these species in certain ways:

1. Sheep like in Nature:

We are becoming sheep like in nature, just following any person or organization that seems powerful and intense without really getting to know if what they are doing is right or not.


Politicians and most public personalities use this very side of our nature to lure us in with false but exciting promises of a better future and get the support that they need to win.


This nature of ours also comes into play when we readily believe any celebrity or famous person, worship them blindly and cannot hear even a single bad thing against them. One such example of this sheep mentality would be the Keaton Jones bullying case wherein almost the entire world started to support his case without even learning the actual matter at hand.

2. Hungry Ugly Carnivores:

Recently I have noticed this slight shift in the people of my city and as per going by the news it just further supports my observation.

The constant anger we all have boiling inside of us, extremely territorial behaviour, ready to fight at the drop of a hat and more are traits that show we might we turning into hungry ugly carnivores.

From my own personal experience, fighting over a mere parking space, or holding up the entire road just to fight out about a small accident, are things that lead me to believe in this comparison. And yes, those news reports of gruesome murders, storing bodies in their apartments, cannibalism, all only help my point.

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3. Hyenas:

We also seem to be turning into certain dumb and selfish animals wherein we only choose to keep our personal interests at the forefront without bothering about anyone else.

Not giving way to the ambulance, holding up the right or left turns especially when they are free with vehicles diverting from their lane to take that up and delay those who want to use that free turn.

One such animal that is selfish and yet a little dumb would be hyenas, another thing that these animals are is cowardly by nature. Which is also something I have seen increasingly in human beings when they flee from an accident without owning up to their mistake.

4. Rats or Parasites:

Rats or parasites supposedly feed off the hard work of other people in order to satisfy themselves without really doing much of anything themselves.

These type of people could be the social climbers who use the success of other people to get famous themselves without doing the hard work that the famous person is doing.

Or perhaps in relationships, parasitic partners who just sit there without contributing anything and let the other person make all the decisions and sacrifices.

What my point with this article is that human beings, according to me are losing their ego and descending more and more into their id.

As per psychology, living beings have 3 levels of their personality, there is the ‘id’ which has the most basic of needs and desires without any inhabitation, then comes the ‘ego’ which is what most human beings have, that small bit of conscious or thought in our mind to not just mindlessly go after our base instincts and think before acting. Finally there is the ‘superego’ which deals with attaining perfection and keeps us in check as an inner-critic.

According to me, human beings are going back to the id level wherein they are focusing on just their base instincts and desires without taking into account their inner-critic or conscience.

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Sources: The Hindu, Wikipedia, Wikipedia

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