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How To Use Ordinary Objects As Weapons


By Dashmeet Kaur

We’ve all witnessed it before in movies or places around us; the lead in a horror flick runs up the stairs, grabs a vase and strike it hard-and-fast on the assailant’s head or, in a moment of fury, the ever-so-sanskaari housewife swings a heavy object from the table and cracks it across her husband’s face, killing him instantly.

There’s no denying the fact that quick-thinking, savage instincts, a survival mindset and some basic self-defense moves coupled with some improvised self-defense weapons could turn the victim’s nightmare into the assailant’s horror story. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? Nevertheless, turning everyday objects into weapons isn’t as easy as it looks and you just can’t pick something up, pelt it at an attacker, and miss completely! You must finely know how to use these ‘aam’ objects to the best of their potential to defend yourself and get away without any scar.

1. Umbrella

Long and durable stick-like objects like tree branch, candlestick, umbrella are a good bet against the attackers. Not only do they enforce a degree of control over your attacker as they enable you to keep them at length, but they are also ideal for hitting, swinging, stabbing, all-round jabbing. *Picture the dhobi-ghaat scenario*

Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” They sure got that one correct.

umbrella_closed2. Newspaper

It is just the one ingredient you need to fashion a weapon out that is horrifying- Millwall Brick. More the newspapers, stronger the weapon. Dipping it in the liquid would make it stronger than ever.

Millwallbricksteps3. Music

Weapons do not always tear your flesh and grind your bones. In fact, the most terrifying ones may not physically hurt you at all. Instead, they attack your mind. Music is very powerful at affecting emotions. It has been commonly used in warfare since Biblical times. In the Korean War, the Chinese chilled the spines of their US opponents by playing funeral requiems and eerie Hank Williams’ tunes that made foggy nights even scarier.

14636220-Musical-notes-flying-over-the-stave-Stock-Vector-music-notes-jazz4. Comb Knife

 This proves to be a deadly hand combat. All you have to do is take your regular comb and harden it with a little heat and you are ready to roll.

magazin-de-arme-in-inchisoare95. Coin

 A coin? That’s right. It’s impact cannot in any way be underestimated since throwing a coin at an attacker’s head is never going to cause any serious damage but it could be used as a part of crafty distraction tactic. Distraction = well-timed explosion

coin6. Sugar

Sugar is sweet. It doesn’t hurt anyone unless you happen to be a tooth. However, this sweetie can actually be used in ways that might make tough bodies shiver in fear. Boiling sugar clings to almost anything and sticks to you while it keeps on burning. While it is rarely used as a weapon, it can be used to terrifying effects if there is no other alternative available.


Readers, this article is not written as an instruction manual on how to actually hurt anyone, like the annoying nerd who keeps the entire class moaning with disgust nor is it intended to be a substitute for any professional self-defense classes.

Remember your mind is among the best of self-defense weapons you can always improvise on!

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